How to prepare your skin naturally for the sun?

It's official, summer is here! It is sometimes difficult to get a nice tan that lasts over time without damaging your skin. And yet, a few easy and natural tips can make it even more beautiful and durable. Obviously, it should be noted that at each exposure, it is essential to use sun protection.

What are you exposing yourself to when you tan?

When we are exposed to the sun, our skin is hit by UVA and UVB rays.

UVA rays penetrate deep into the dermis and are responsible for pigment spots, skin aging and wrinkles.

UVB rays penetrate less deeply and are the cause of sunburns, burns, blisters and a large part of skin cancer.

We are not all equal when it comes to UV rays. Indeed, the skin will react differently depending on your phototype (find your phototype). Some people will get sunburned from the slightest exposure while others will get a direct tan.

Prepare your skin

A diet that benefits the skin

Preparing your skin for a tan starts with the essentials, a diet rich in vitamins and minerals! It must be made up of a lot of essential fatty acids which promote skin regeneration, reduce trans-cutaneous water loss and increase hydration. These fatty acids are present in grape seed oil, sunflower seed oil, soybean oil and especially in hemp oil. It is also important to consume foods rich in vitamin A which help promote cell renewal. And finally, obviously foods rich in beta-carotene are essential to have a beautiful tanned complexion. Carrot, tomato, mango, orange and sweet potato contain lots of it.

In short, the most important thing to remember is to eat plenty of (seasonal) fruits and vegetables. The more colorful they are, the richer they will be in antioxidants, which is essential for protect the skin UV rays and make it more flexible.

Make scrubs

Exfoliating prolongs the tan, but it does not prepare the skin for attacks from the sun's rays!

Nevertheless, it is always interesting to make some before exposing yourself to the sun.

The tan will be more uniform and lasting because it removes the dead cells that dull the tanned complexion. Please choose a gentle exfoliation and do not do it more than once a week to avoid damaging the epidermis.

Here is our favorite, the Beauty Garden beet sugar body scrub (organic). It is suitable for dry and sensitive skin thanks to its grains of sugar which melt on the skin and the gel which turns into milk when rinsed.

However, you don't have to buy a scrub, you can do it yourself! Just mix 4 tablespoons of vegetable oil of your choice (hemp is even better!) With a little sugar and you're done.

Don't neglect hydration

The hydration step is often neglected and yet it is very important. Indeed, a well hydrated and deeply nourished skin is essential to obtain a nice tan.

Obviously, first of all, it is necessary to drink a lot of water (about 1,5L per day) in order to properly hydrate your body. It also helps reduce the risk of sunstroke.

It is also necessary to moisturize the skin of his body and his face with a cream or an oil. Hydrated skin is more resistant to sun damage than dry skin. So we hydrate ourselves thoroughly a few days before exposure!

THE hemp oil is 4 to 40 times more concentrated than other vegetable oils such as argan, coconut or avocado oil. It is rich in omega 3 and 6 which help maintain skin hydration and strengthen the skin barrier. Thecannabis oil is therefore ideal for moisturizing your skin before exposing itself to the dangerous rays of the sun.

We therefore adopt the following routine, every morning:

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Protect your skin

Protecting your skin from the sun: an essential step

We can never remember it enough but no exposure to the sun without sun protection. The skin can never be really prepared for the sun's rays. It is therefore essential to choose sun protection adapted to your skin. Do not hesitate to start with an index 50 (below index 30 the protection is very low). Most importantly, think about it on any day your body is in the sun, not just at the beach. Do not neglect walks or even have lunch outside. So keep a tube in your bag so you always have it handy!

We found sunscreens for you bio, vegan and made in France! This is the range of lsunglasses from the UVBio brand.

And above all, do not forget to use a moisturizing milk or oil in the days that follow to hydrate the deep layers of the epidermis. This will allow the tan to last longer and prevent the skin from peeling!

For this, we advise you the after-sun of the brand MIMITIKA which is vegan and cruelty-free and whose packaging is adorable!

You now have all the keys in hand to prepare your skin for the sun and to sport a beautiful tan this summer.

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