How to reduce rosacea on your face?

Rosacea, also called rosacea, is a dermatological condition of the face. It is manifested by marked redness, and sometimes, by the bursting of certain blood vessels in the skin. Frequent in people with fair skin, it concerns almost a million people in France at the rate of two women for a man.

There are many ways to combat these signs, from medical intervention to natural solutions.

What is rosacea?


La rosacea on the face is a skin condition that manifests itself in certain areas of the face, including the cheeks, forehead, wings of the nose as well as the chin. It rarely appears before the age of 30 and affects both men and women, especially Nordic-type subjects with light skin, light eyes and light hair. This explains why it was once qualified as the "Curse of the Celts".

La redness is often accompanied by tingling due to increased sensitivity of the skin. This intolerance can make it difficult to apply cosmetics, and sometimes even concerns soap and water!

The psychological impact of the rosacea which can be socially difficult to deal with since it affects the face. Vascular lesions can be misguided as to excessive alcohol consumption or be associated with acne.

What are the causes of rosacea?


Although known for a long time, its causes are still poorly determined. The genetic factor is significant since rosacea particularly affects the fair skinned population. Here is a non-exhaustive list of factors promoting inflammation:

  • The hot food which promote flushing and can therefore worsen symptoms even if they are not the cause: spicy dishes, hot drinks, alcohol consumption
  • Abrupt temperature changes : work in front of a hot spring, intense physical effort
  • The pregnancy
  • Taking corticosteroids

This irritation is often concealed by make-up or products unsuitable for the person's skin. Therefore the irritation remains unchecked and may in some cases increase.

In particular, you should avoid foundations and greasy powders that clog the pores. Ask your pharmacist who can advise you on covering but fluid medical foundations. They will effectively mask redness while letting your skin breathe and moisturize it.

La rosacea is a skin condition which can be attenuated with a certain number of elements, in particular at the level of cosmetic care and hygiene of life.

We have listed for you some solutions which, beyond masking the symptoms, can fight and reduce them.

What to do against rosacea?

Limit inflammation of the skin with antibiotics

La rosacea is not a contagious disease, but antibiotics are effective due to their anti-inflammatory action.

It is therefore important to consult your dermatologist if you think you have the condition. Its diagnosis will guide you on the seriousness of the condition and the most suitable solutions for their treatment.

Reduce rosacea with laser treatment

Here are two effective treatments for rosacea to be carried out in a dermatological practice to eliminate redness and dilated vessels. They also often make it possible to space out the course of antibiotics:

  • The pulsed dye laser: this is the reference treatment, carried out over several sessions, from 2 to 6 depending on the severity. It is a little painful but bearable. Note that it can leave small purple marks on the face several weeks after its intervention.
  • Electrocoagulation: this solution sends electrical impulses to the face. The sessions are more or less painful depending on the sensitivity of the subject.

It is important in both cases to apply a correct healing cream following the sessions.

How to fight rosacea naturally?


Here are 4 ways to naturally fight rosacea among the many natural treatments available:

Hemp oil

Hemp oil, originally from Central Asia, is now cultivated all over the world. This oil will activate the circulation of the face and relieve redness with its anti-inflammatory effect, which will help mitigate and combat signs of rosacea.

HO KARAN hemp oil (or Cannabis sativa it means the same thing) is of organic origin, harvested in our beautiful Brittany. We use it in all of our products.

Safflower vegetable oil

This oil from the Orient is recognized for its beneficial properties on fragile skin. It is particularly highly recommended for its circulatory action to fight and reduce rosacea.

Tamanu vegetable oil

This Tahitian oil has anti-inflammatory and healing properties to fight against rosacea. It is widely used in cosmetics thanks to its multiple benefits.

Sesame oil

This oil from Asia, has nourishing and anti-inflammatory properties on the face. It is not the best known for fight against rosacea, but it is one of the solutions to effectively reduce the signs of rosacea. 

These vegetable oils can be used alone in massage on the face, in the form of serum concentrated or mixed with your cream to naturally reduce rosacea.

Essential oils against rosacea

Obesides vegetable oils, some essential oils* may be recommended to soothe manifestations of rosacea. This is particularly the case with essential oil Italian helichrysum, which has important circulatory properties. This can be supplemented by essential oils of geranium rose or cistus in the form of synergy to be mixed in a vegetable oil listed above.

* For any use of essential oils, consult a health professional to check for possible contraindications.

Our advice to reduce rosacea and improve the quality of your skin 

If the application of cosmetic treatments against rosacea can improve the quality of your skin, certain reflexes in your lifestyle can also help you:

  • Protect yourself from the sun
  • Avoid exposing your face to heat
  • Regularly cool your face: to help make flushing quickly disappear, we recommend a little trick: suck an ice cube!
  • Use cleansing and moisturizing treatments adapted to your skin type to nourish it without clogging the pores
  • Use a suitable make-up, covering but not greasy.

 All HO KARAN care are based on organic hemp oil, recommended for daily use to hydrate and regenerate the skin.

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