How to protect your skin from pollution?

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Protecting your skin from pollution is one of the main concerns of French people, especially in large cities. Dull complexion, imperfections, skin aging ... pollution has many harmful effects for your skin. Discover our advice to properly protect your skin from pollution and opt for appropriate cosmetic care.

What is pollution?

We have heard frequently about air pollution for years. The Pollution is a phenomenon which degrades, because of human activity in constant growth, the functioning of the planet.

The atmosphere is considered to be polluted because it has impurities or an “abnormal” rise in some of its constituents. In gaseous, liquid or solid form, pollutants come from nature (vegetation, oceans, volcanoes) and human activities (factories, transport). A balance, unstable today, must be found between the formation of pollution and its dispersion / transformation in the environment.

Pollutants can be classified into two families:

  • The primary pollutants, which are the best known and come from road transport, industry, heating, agriculture. They generate, for example, carbon oxides, sulfur oxides, nitrogen oxides, light hydrocarbons, metals (lead, mercury, etc.).
  • The secondary pollutants, created by chemical reaction between several gases. UV rays and high temperatures, for example, promote the formation of ozone, the reaction of oxygen in contact with nitrogen oxides and hydrocarbons.

What are the effects of pollution on the skin?

Promotes the appearance of irritation and inflammation

When the skin is chronically exposed to pollution, one of the first manifestations of its effects isappearance of irritation and inflammation on its surface. It then becomes much more sensitive to external aggressions, making it more and more fragile. We can then develop certain skin disorders such as rosacea, eczema or psoriasis.

Accelerates the aging of the skin

Some studies carried out in recent years have shown that exposure to pollution is responsible for nearly 80% cellular aging! The fine particles present in the pollutants indeed penetrate inside the epidermis, causing deep damage and favoring the appearance of oxidative stress responsible for aging.

Duller complexion, dehydration and lack of radiance

Other consequence of pollution on your skin : a duller, grayish complexion lacking radiance, caused in particular by pollutants in the air, but also because of the stress caused by an urban lifestyle.

Pollution also accelerates dehydration of the skin on the most exposed areas such as the hands and face.

Unbalances the production of sebum and promotes its oxidation

By affecting the production of sebum, pollution unbalances the skin and promotes the formation of imperfections like acne pimples or blackheads. Sebum can also oxidize on contact with the sun and UV rays, facilitating hyperpigmentation of the skin and the appearance of dark spots on the face.

How to effectively protect your skin from pollution?

To prevent pollution and stress from degrading the skin of your face, the most sensitive part and the most exposed to external aggressions, you must adopt a daily care ritual to cleanse, restore and protect your skin from pollution.

Step 1: Gentle cleaning

On a daily basis, it is essential to gently cleanse your face in the morning and evening.

This step will allow you toeliminate all pollution particles that have settled on your face during the day or at night. Invisible and painless, they are still responsible for the destructive effects mentioned above.

To remove makeup residue, a first cleaning with a cleaning oil is recommended. This will make it possible to eliminate the first layer of impurities, which tend to be rather oily. Each skin must be treated according to its type: dry, normal, combination, oily, mature. Be careful not to use an inappropriate care, which will only worsen the imperfections you want to eliminate.

Once or twice a week, perform a more thorough cleaning using a scrub designed for the face. This will eliminate all pollution residues and dead skin, and help detoxify your skin.

Step 2: Nutrition and hydration

After cleansing the skin, give it bothhydration and nutrition will allow you to better protect it from pollution and its effects.

We recommend that you use care rich in vegetable oils containing fatty acids as well as moisturizing active ingredients to limit dehydration of the skin, promote its regeneration and protect it effectively and naturally against signs of skin aging.

Adhering to the cleansing, hydration and nutrition steps is essential and sufficient to maintain healthy, resilient and glowing skin. These rituals effectively fight againstappearance of imperfections known and strongly accentuated by pollution. It's up to you to find your own ritual adapted to your skin and your lifestyle!

Our selection of HO KARAN treatments to fight against the effects of stress and pollution

Cannabooster Detox Serum

To apply after cleansing and before your moisturizer, the Cannabooster Detox Serum contains a combination of cannabis terpenes, algae from the island of Ouessant and an astringent zinc complex to effectively fight against blemishes. Day after day, your skin is protected from pollution effects and deeply detoxified, the pores are tightened and the skin is more luminous.  

Natural Detox Deodorant

To fight against stress and cleanse your skin, discover our Detox natural deodorant : alliance of cannabis terpenes and zinc, it effectively eliminates bad odors and absorbs moisture while preserving your skin flora. You will also appreciate its ultra-fresh and invigorating vegetable scent, ideal for starting the day off right!

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