HO KALM: Cathy Closier

It's back to school for our stress podcast, and the start of season 2! This week, Laure welcomes Cathy Closier, serial entrepreneur in the restaurant business for 20 years at the head of Season Paris in particular. In the program ?

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September is full of surprises at HO KARAN. A new hemp-based treatment that will be unveiled to you soon, in-depth articles to always better support you (such as the basics of the "anti-acne" diet) and the cover of our podcast "HO KALM", with new guests!

HO KALM, the first podcast to deconstruct stress

Why this podcast? Because one in two people suffer from stress in France. And you might be one of them. At HO KARAN, we are convinced of one thing: together, we can fight against this ambient stress and live more peaceful, thanks to hemp and CBD in our cares since 2015, of course, but also via advice, techniques and tips from experts and the most stressed !

In the HO KALM podcast, every week, Laure, the founder of Ho Karan, goes to meet personalities with inspiring stories: artists, athletes, entrepreneurs, medical and holistic experts… The goal? Offer you the keys, via concrete examples, for better channel your daily stress.

In season 1, we exchanged with Irène Olczak, the founder of Paulette Magazine, Clément Dumais, parkour champion and YouTubeur, Camille Azoulai, the founder of Funky Veggie, the artist Marion Seclin, the founder of Harmony, Antonin Cohen, the journalist Valérie Tribes, singer Luciole, professional rugby player Jean-Pascal Barraque, and our meditation expert, Eugénie Lambert Buckstein. Episodes are available on all platforms (Spotify, ACast, Deezer, Apple Podcast, Podcast Addict). Find the list of all episodes here !

Season 2, first episode: Cathy Closier

In this episode, Laure receives Cathy Closier, a serial entrepreneur for 20 years in one of the most stressful sectors, catering. You surely know one of his successes, Season Paris, one of the first healthy restaurants in Paris, followed by 100.000 people on Instagram. @seasonparis ! In this episode, Cathy tells about her meteoric rise after a year in New York, her journey made up of happy luck, impromptu encounters and a hell of a dose of work. Always smiling and full of good vibes, the one who embodies success today also delivers on her professional hard knocks (especially one in particular who changed her vision of things), her emotional disruption and the biggest stress in her life today. 'hui: his children.

An episode available on Spotify, ACast, Deezer, Apple Podcast, Podcast Addict)!


See you next week for the next episode of HO KALM!

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