Hemp Oil and Skin Care

We're not going to redo everything for you the history of hemp and its demonization. We want to be positive and not look back. The properties of hemp oil are indeed there, in our hands. Moving forward. Let’s stop looking for the umpteenth miracle plant that only grows in a few remote areas. Let's take the benefits of hemp, and use its potential efficiently. No need for pesticides, no need to flood the fields. Let us become responsible and happy.

A sober but terribly efficient plant

 Who has never dreamed of the perfect plant that can be used in all areas of life? Hemp is not there yet, but it is the most suitable plant for this dream. Stem, leaves, seeds, oil… nothing is thrown away, everything is transformed. Insulate our walls, feed, clothe, and even take care of your skin can now be made from hemp. And we haven't yet unlocked all of its secrets.

As for the benefits for our skin, it was the barbers who first understood its soothing and nourishing abilities. Indeed, the hemp oil contains antioxidants, vitamins (A1, B3, B4, B6 and E), proteins, omega-3 and 6, and essential fatty acids. This richness is adapted to the skin care dry or irritated. Ditto for the hair and the beard of course.

THE hemp oil is simply your skin's best friend. You can even adopt it in your garden because it easily adapts to growing conditions. It suffices to bring him light, water, and above all love. Hemp is not a miracle product, just a basic product that works. Welcome to a new cosmetic era.

Cosmetics to make you beautiful? Yes, but above all happy and relaxed

If we try so hard to talk about hemp, it's also because we want to make people happy. We ourselves are never happier than when we spend time with our favorite plant. Seeing it grow, scribble it, spread its oil on our skin… simple but real pleasures.

It is perhaps our beautiful city of Nantes that has this effect on us. Perhaps it is all of our research on hemp that led us to this positivism. No matter what, what matters is passing it on to you through our products.

Take care of yourself, your skin and your planet

We don't want to disappoint you, but hemp is too sober a plant to make the headlines. It does not create worship or hate. She only wants you good.

As you close your eyes, think back to all those times you said to yourself “our world is way too complex”. You may have even said this to yourself about cosmetics and taking care of yourself.

Open your eyes and aim them at hemp, and at all that it can simplify for you.

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