Oil, serum, cream: what are the differences?

Lost in the face of our offer of routines with hemp actives? We help you choose the right textures and combine them better for a perfect match, whatever your skin type: dry, oily, acneic, mature, dehydrated ...


  1. The serum: a fluid texture for targeted treatment

Both fluid and very loaded with active ingredients, it is the deepest treatment, the one that acts in the most distant layers of the epidermis. It targets very specific problems: the radiance of the complexion (the serum Cannabooster Energy), sometimes fine lines (the serum Cannabooster Reboot) or imperfections (the serum Cannabooster Detox)… It's the little magic wand to use morning and / or evening for distressed skin and zero blemishes.

How to use it ? A few drops on clean, dry skin, after cleansing and toning. And just before the moisturizer, to maximize its effects.

For who ? All skin types, as long as you choose the right serum for your problem. We enlighten you:

- Cannabooster Energy : for a luminous, unified complexion and a healthy glow effect. It is the friend of dull and tired skin.

- Cannabooster Detox : to regulate the secretion of sebum (tighten the pores and reduce small pimples and other imperfections), smooth and mattify, protect the skin from external aggressions. It is the ally of the skins subscribed to acne - whether hormonal, symptomatic of stress or chronic.

- Cannabooster Reboot : for regenerated skin that is plumped, firmer and smoother. Ultra anti-oxidant (especially thanks to CBD), it is the little miracle thought to erase all the small signs of aging, targeting baby's skin.

most : at Ho Karan, all our serums are formulated from 99% natural ingredients, and more precisely based on Breton hemp. Cannaflavins, terpenes or CBD; ultra powerful clean active ingredients for healthy skin at all ages, women or men.

  1. The cream: the creamy compromise for daily care

Half aqueous phase, half oily phase, its objective is to hydrate the skin while reconstituting the hydrolipidic film. Light and creamy, the Narcotic cream at Ho Karan brings water and fat (Omega 3 and Omega 6), and generally suitable for the greatest number.

Who is it for? Everyone thanks to its daily protective action, and especially skin lacking hydration.

How to use it ? After the serum, morning and / or evening on clean, dry skin. It is also ideal as a make-up base.  

Most : light, based on essential oil and hemp butter, it is the “must-have” treatment that we apply daily without unpleasant surprises. Moreover, full box with our testers (100% of them) who all found their skin more hydrated, plumped and nourished after 3 weeks of use.

  1. The oil: a light (and non-greasy) multi-purpose texture

One goal, to feed! Rich in fatty acids, if it penetrates less deeply than the serum or the cream, it reconstitutes the fatty film and acts as an emollient moisturizer. In short, at Ho Karan, theAmazing Oil, it is the care that repairs the exterior and instantly corrects small defects.

How to use it ? Some spray as needed in the palm of your hand, to apply on the face, body, hair, beard.

Who is it for? Shaved skin, those that need to be repaired (dryness or excess sun), those that lack softness on a daily basis. And for all those who wish to purify their routine (and the shelves in their bathroom).

most : if our Amazing Oil is multi-use, it is thanks to its composition. A trio of vegetable oils (cannabis, Inca Inchi, Tsubaki) very effective and, thank you very much, non-greasy. A word of advice: addictive use (and by the whole family), prefer them large formats !

Bonus: L'Antidote, the in & out miracle oil with CBD

Our signature elixir, based on hemp oil and CBD (1000mg). Insomnia (find all our reflexes to fall asleep faster here), muscle and hormonal pain (during menstruation), migraines, nausea, stress… As its name suggests, theAntidote, our CBD oil (without THC) has multiple benefits when it comes to soothing body and soul.

Who is it for? Stressed minds, bodies that suffer from pain, skin with imperfection or lack of hydration.

How to use it ? 4 to 5 drops on the skin of the face, clean and dry, preferably in the evening last, for a maximum regeneration (discover all the benefits of CBD on the skin). Otherwise, a few drops under the tongue just before bedtime. How to dose it? We explain everything about the dosage and daily amount recommended here. If you choose to use it in & out, prefer the large format to enjoy it longer!

Most : its delicious and delicate fragrance reminiscent of frangipane.

Happy combinations:

> Dehydrated skin: Serum + cream

> Dry skin: Serum + oil

And for more specific issues, discover our routines specially designed for skin with imperfections (and / or the Mask-born effect), skin with redness, tired skin, dry and dehydrated skin, sensitive skin, mature skin, irritated skin ...

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