The power of smells on our emotions

In 2022, HO KARAN is releasing the OKLM candle, a balanced and gourmet accord with terpene and slightly sweet notes for a moment of well-being at home. How can a smell make us more peaceful? How did we construct our perfume and what is the impact of smells on our emotions?

The olfactory memory

The smell of her grandmother's perfume, that of freshly cut grass, sea air, warm bread from the oven, her mother's washing powder, a family recipe, or pages of an old book. Certain smells have the gift of bringing back memories, of soothing us, of giving us a little energy. Some Proust Madeleines even remain in our memory for years or even a lifetime!
Ultra-sharp senses, olfaction makes it possible to analyze the volatile substances present in the air. According to researchers at Rockefeller University in New York, humans can distinguish 1000 billion smells!

And if certain smells mark us, it is above all scientific. In the brain, the “nose” region, the olfactory bulb is located in the orbito-frontal cortex which is very involved in emotions and memory! When certain smells are associated with happy memories (family time, holidays), we also observe a state of well-being with a slowing of the heart rate and breathing, in particular according to the B2V observatory of memories.

The Olfactory Pyramid: building a perfume

It is the structure of a perfume, or the appearance of three times of scents (the notes) from the moment when it is sprayed. Created and generalized by Jean Carles - perfumer and creator, among others, of Miss Dior and Ma Griffe perfumes at Carven - this organization of fragrances now guides all perfumer-composers. We explain to you how we thought about the scent of the OKLM candle, so that it is both ultra relaxing (especially thanks to hemp) and comforting.

1. The top note: this is the most volatile and ephemeral note, the one that we feel instinctively first. Why is she disappearing so quickly? Because the molecules that compose it are generally very light and fade in 30 minutes. In general, it is also the “greenest” and freshest note.
In the OKLM candle, these are the terpene accords (cannabis, sage, rosemary).

2. The heart note: this is the note that will characterize the perfume, the one that lasts several hours. A round, voluptuous note associated with floral, fruity or spicy scents.
In the OKLM candle, it's hemp flower, reinterpreted in our own way - our little secret!

3. The base note: this is the most lasting note, the one that “fixes” the perfume and will sometimes take several days to fade. A fairly dense, warm, suave note that will remain in memory the longest and will create the famous olfactory memories. In general, these are woody, coppery, or based on patchouli or musk.
In the OKLM candle, it's a woody and caramelized base, in a “warm incense” spirit.

Sold out

The OKLM relaxing candle

In January 2022, HO KARAN releases the OKLM candle. A relaxing candle with terpene accords (hemp flower, sage, rosemary) and slightly sweet (caramel, rhubarb) seasoned with a touch of typically Breton fleur de sel - in homage to our land of origin!

How to formulate a soothing scent?

In our “Expert Words” video series, Catherine petyt, the nose of our treatments, told us about his vision of a soothing scent.

" A soothing, de-stressing, relaxing scent will be formulated based on active essential oils, recognized for their activities. You have, for example, lavender, orange, bitter orange petitgrain, mandarin, bergamot - notes that have "activity", from a chemical point of view. Then you have the cerebral part: we remember her grandmother's cupboard which smelled of lavender for example, or her mother's Shalimart. By association, bergamot will feel relaxing to you today! In general, a soothing smell will remind you of something round, soft, yellow, amber. You always have to make a mix between the activity of the essential oil and the really pleasant smell - because otherwise it will not relax you!”

In the OKLM candle, we have chosen hemp flower for its soothing activity, a rather green and fresh note (of course, adapted to the HO KARAN identity) combined with rounder and sweeter notes. For Laure, founder of HO KARAN, this small vector flame of softness and appeasement is also a “symbol of hope, awareness and vibration.”

We suggest that you light the candle during a calm and personal moment, for example at the beginning or end of the day, by writing a few lines in your journal (Laure explains the principle of journaling here), by reading a few pages of a book, during a meditation session, to maximize its well-being effects.


Our packaging and containers being the most respectful of the environment (in recyclable glass or hemp cardboard), it seemed essential to us to offer you a container of the highest quality, made in France. We opted for a porcelain pot (made of feldspathic quartz and kaolin) made in Limoges by Artoria (Living Heritage Company label), a house that has been an expert in custom-made creations for 70 years, which also benefits from the IGP (Indication Geographic Protected).

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