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On the occasion of the release of our new intimate oil Libertine, we have launched a series of lives devoted to intimate well-being. We had the pleasure of welcoming Anne-Cécile Descaillot, co-founder of the platform Gapiane, with whom we talked about Instagram about sex education and fun.

What do we learn today in sex education and what is missing?

Today, the theme of sexuality and pleasure is still very taboo. The clitoris only appeared in a textbook very recently, only 1 or 2 years ago. The courses that address them still remain very centered on the reproductive system, very in procreation. We teach children how to get pregnant and protect themselves from STDs and STIs, but we do not talk about pleasure, which is still very taboo in our society. The genitalia during SVT is shown only physiologically, we do not see the organs of pleasure like the vulva, and we absolutely do not show how pleasure is stimulated by the perineum or the prostate for example.

What does the term “cisgender” mean that we come across more and more?

With the evolution of customs, new terms related to sexuality are emerging. This is the case with the word “cisgender”Which is sometimes misunderstood. We must make a distinction between the gender assigned at birth, with the “so-called female” organs and the “so-called male” organs, and sexual orientation. To be cisgender is to be in tune with the organs that were biologically assigned to me at birth and how I feel. A transgender, on the other hand, was born into a body with which he does not connect with biology assigned to it.


Why in France is there no platform dedicated to intimate pleasure?

In France, we have the feeling that sexuality is either too medicalized or too “pornographic”. Unlike some other countries, we have a reputation as a nation of romanticism, with the French kiss for example. While in the United States, Canada or some Nordic countries, people talk much more openly to their children about subjects of sexuality, consent and relationship to the body. It is less in our culture, even if mentalities are gradually changing.

In France, we are still very much in the reproductive system when we talk about sexuality, while the body is biologically made to give pleasure and receive it. There are as many sexualities as there are individuals, so it is our responsibility to go beyond the patterns and clichés that we perpetuate over generations and get out of the dominant / dominated relationship still too present now!


How to find out about sexuality and pleasure when you are a teenager?

More and more resources are now available to help young adolescents get out of the clichés of sexuality learned at school. When you are a teenager, it is very difficult to bring up the subject with your family, with your parents. All this is still very taboo and we dare not talk about it. Fortunately, many initiatives are emerging to help these young people approach sexuality and pleasure differently than through pornography or sex education classes. The idea is to be able to open your mind and explore the field of possibilities, to be able to freely ask questions to sex therapists and to make suitable content available on Youtube and Tiktok for example, which they use a lot. .


Where is the line between erotica and pornography? Doesn't the excess of images harm the imagination?

When we talk about pleasure, it is difficult to ignore the imagination, the fantasy. Today we can see that it is now possible to watch pornography in an alternative way, for example with the series Climax which consists of a series of 32 educational videos on female masturbation. We can also cite the mini series "Free!" available on Arte and initiated by Ovidie who dismantles sexual stereotypes and diktats, as well as the book “Club enjoyment", a real sex education manual suitable for all.

There is no right or wrong way to fantasize!


How to approach the subject of sexuality with family, friends or with a partner?

In the family, personal and friendly sphere, the subject of sex is still very prohibited. We quickly feel judged, and we tend to turn if the person in front does not have the same ease as us in talking about the subject.

To be able to talk about it freely, communication is the key. We must try tocreate a climate of trust, without judgment, and pay attention to the words you use. For example, you can express your desires and desires in the form of games. With family or friends, you can create a safe cocoon for everyone, limit the number of people, and give practical information, for example by recommending a book or an initiative spotted on the web.

Discover Gapianne, the first intimate and sexual well-being platform in France

The idea of Gapiane started from the observation that in France, there is no attractive, safe and reassuring place to learn about intimacy, pleasure and sexuality. Yet people want to speak up, to feel listened to without judgment and to break codes of sexuality still too labeled “pharmacy” and “sex shop”.

Gapianne's idea is to offer a advice and information platform, imagined and fed by professionals, sexologists and experts who speak on different subjects and answer questions.

Gapianne also offers the podcast “Pluriel.le.s”, dedicated to sexual well-being, whose first episode is already available. To discover urgently!

Watch the live with Anne-Cécile Descaillot here.

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