The benefits of hemp essential oil

Essential oils have been used for centuries, but do you really know what they contain, and how they are obtained? Have you ever heard of hemp essential oil? Overview of this ultra-soothing plant elixir that is rather difficult to find on the market. 

Essential oils have been used for centuries, but do you really know what they contain, and how they are obtained? Have you ever heard of hemp essential oil? Overview of this ultra-soothing plant elixir that is rather difficult to find on the market. 

Hemp essential oil: composition and properties

Essential oils are a natural and powerful alternative to take care of our body and mind on a daily basis. Essential oil is a substance concentrated in volatile aromatic extracts from a plant. Despite its name, it does not contain oil.

Our hemp essential oil is obtained by the method of steam distillation. This consists of passing water vapor through the part of the selected plant, causing the aromatic molecules plants with it. We therefore obtain a mixture of water vapor and different biochemical components. This mixture is then condensed, that is to say that it will be cooled to allow the separation of the water and the essential oil, because these two fractions cannot mix in the liquid state (we says they are “immiscible”). We therefore recover the essential oil which is on the surface, because its density is lower than that of water. The remaining water is called hydrosol or floral water.

It takes about a ton of hemp, from French production, to obtain a liter of essential oil. This explains its rarity and its price on the market, comparable to that of rose or everlasting essential oil!

Our hemp essential oil contains more than 200 compounds, some of which are recognized in aromatherapy for their very interesting biochemical properties such as sesquiterpenes, monoterpenes and terpene oxides. Since cannabinoids are not soluble in water, our essential oil therefore does not contain tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the psychoactive molecule in cannabis.

What are the benefits of hemp essential oil?

Hemp essential oil is mainly used by the cutaneous route, diluted beforehand in a vegetable oil, and in diffusion or olfaction.

Muscle comfort aid

Thanks to the properties of β-myrcene and β-caryophyllene, hemp essential oil can be in the first place recommended for massage always diluted in a vegetable oil on the areas affected by muscle or joint tension, especially in athletes. It thus makes it possible to naturally find comfort and well-being, promote recovery after exercise and soothe cramps.

In women, the essential oil of hemp applied in massage on the lower abdomen makes it possible to limit tensions due to painful periods.

Facilitates relaxation and relaxation

In diffusion alone or in combination with other essential oils, hemp essential oil also helps to find a feeling of well-being and relaxation in case of stress or nervousness. To promote restful sleep, you can diffuse it in the bedroom about 20 minutes, one hour before bedtime.

To accentuate the general relaxation of body and mind, you can also apply 1 drop of essential oil diluted in vegetable oil on your wrists, then rub them gently before inhaling this fragrant mixture. For a more intense peak of stress, combine its action with that of Antidote L'Absolu 10% CBD to ingest.

Goodbye to the stress of the day!

Helps purify the skin and scalp

With its antibacterial and antifungal action, hemp essential oil is also an interesting cosmetic ally for taking care of the skin and hair.

Applied in an oil bath diluted in a vegetable oil in combination with other essential oils such as those of palmarosa or geranium, it helps regulate excess sebum and to fight against dandruff.

In facial care, it is also recommended to limit the appearance of imperfections and purify the skin.

With which essential oils to associate the essential oil of hemp?

Essential oils work very well in synergy, and it may be wise to combine them to multiply their effects and potentiate their actions.

Hemp essential oil Blends well in diffusion with essential oils from citrus fruits, such as lemon, lemongrass or bergamot. Pure relaxing atmosphere guaranteed! You can also add a few drops lavender essential oil or chamomile to increase the relaxing sensations. For a more intimate moment of meditation, you can think of combining it with frankincense or vetiver essential oil. Mix it with rose essential oil to obtain a bewitching scent that will not leave you indifferent!

In the breath of fresh air Jacquier
This is one of the anti-stress experiences that we offer to the HO KARAN Center (65, rue de Bretagne 75003 Paris): in the Jacquier air bowl, essential oils of pine are traditionally used to facilitate cellular oxygenation (and therefore fight against oxidative stress or fatigue, for example).
At HO KARAN, for the first time in France in the use of Bol d'air Jacquier, we have combined the benefits of pine essential oil with those of hemp essential oil to offer you a moment as regenerating as soothing.
Only 3 minutes of breathing in front of the Bol d'air Jacquier equivalent to 3 hours of walk in the forest - from an oxygenation point of view, but also calming and healing. Learn all about the benefits of Bol d'Air Jacquier here !

If you have any questions on the subject, we will be happy to help you! Just write to us at 💚

Where to find hemp essential oil?

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