The benefits of hemp infusion

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This special year invites you to take time for yourself, to let go and to allow yourself cocooning moments. Discover the benefits of hemp infusion and our CBD herbal tea, developed in collaboration with Kodama, true creator of original and surprising taste experiences!

How is the hemp infusion obtained?

Hemp infusion is made from Breton hemp from Pierre Yves Normand, who cultivates a variety containing 6% CBD.

Consume the hemp in the form of infusion allows many benefits, and represents a pleasant way to benefit from the properties of the plant and the CBD contained within. It also does not require any pesticides or chemicals to grow optimally, which guarantees a great purity to the final product, all the more so if the hemp is cultivated according to the principles of Organic Agriculture.

CBD infusion can be enjoyed on its own, or in combination with vegetable milks such as oats or almond milk for an even more gourmet and cocooning drink, perfect in this fall season!

Like all infusions, the hemp tea can be drunk without moderation throughout the day.

Tip: to promote the absorption of CBD during a hemp infusion, it is important to add a touch of lipids, CBD being fat soluble. This can be, for example, vegetable milk, a knob of butter or coconut oil.

What are the benefits of CBD herbal tea?

Soothes stress and anxiety

Renowned for its soothing benefits, the hemp consumed in infusion allows to contribute to limit stress and anxiety All day long.

It represents a natural and simple solution to improve your level of well-being and help you better control your emotions.

Drinking a cup hemp infusion also offers you the possibility of enjoying a relaxing break, a moment suspended just for you, before returning to your work or your daily activities!

Help with digestion

Relaxing, hemp also has antispasmodic benefits which will be useful for promote digestion and to help regain comfort in the event of gastric disorders or transit problems.

Ingested in the form of an infusion, the CBD contained in the hemp leaves will interact directly with the digestive system for a ultra-targeted action and fast. Ideal to facilitate digestion after a too rich meal, or in case of nausea.

Promotes falling asleep

Consumed in the evening after a meal and before bedtime, CBD herbal tea will promote relaxation and faster fall asleep.

Its relaxing and soothing virtues will help you relax, both in your body and in your mind. You can opt for a raw herbal tea, or an infusion containing other plants with calming virtues such as verbena for example. Restful nights of sleep to you!

Fight against the formation of free radicals

Rich in vitamins D and C as well as minerals, hemp leaves are sips of antioxidants beneficial to your body. By limiting the formation of free radicals responsible for the appearance of oxidative stress, they help to slow down the aging of cells and to contribute to cardiovascular well-being.

Discover our 100% wellness CBD infusion!

To make you benefit from benefits of hemp in all its forms, we created with the tea sommelier Kodama, “OKLM”, our first CBD infusion !

Made in France, this elixir of serenity contains a combination of ingredients rigorously selected for their taste properties and their benefits.

Made from Se Chung leaves very poor in theines that in fact an Oolong tea ideal to enjoy in the evening or in the afternoon at tea time. A Breton flavor ultra gourmet and tasty composed of a note of salted butter caramel, with a hint of apple, cardamom and verbena.

We listened to your advice! The infusion goes to the format ecological doypack (60 grams) for less weight, and therefore less pollution!

Tea time is all year round;)

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