The benefits of CBD when ingested

In addition to its benefits for taking care of all skin types, CBD can also be used ingested, in particular to help reduce stress, anxiety and tension. A brief overview of its properties.

How does CBD work when ingested?

Our body has a endocannabinoid system, with which CBD interacts when ingested.

CBD goes activate certain receivers of our body connected to the central nervous system. We distinguish CBD (also called cannabidiol) from THC, the molecule responsible for the psychotropic effect of CBD. CBD when taken orally provides a feeling of well-being and a relaxing effect, but without the psychotropic effect of THC.

In France, CBD products must not contain a THC level higher than 0.3% in 2022. .


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The virtues of CBD on our body

- Fight against stress and anxiety

The molecules present in CBD will act at the level of the nervous system to help regulate the serotonin level in our body. This so-called well-being hormone plays a role in the regulation of our emotions, in the appearance of stress and anxiety. This relaxing effect has in particular been explored in numerous scientific studies, where the results have been able to demonstrate a real action on the nervous system. *

By limiting stress and anxiety, the ingested CBD will also help promote sleep and facilitate more restful sleep. This therefore makes it a natural alternative, without addiction or side effects. The calming effects of CBD have also shown interest in the fight against addictions of all types. In particular, it has been observed that substance dependence leads to the appearance of neurological manifestations, with higher levels of stress and anxiety.

CBD therefore seems to have a definite interest in facilitating weaning and reducing addictions, especially tobacco, as was demonstrated in a study carried out in 2013 * on around thirty people.

- The neuroprotective effect

The neuroprotective effects of CBD have been emerging for several years now, following several trials and clinical studies carried out in different countries.

Neurodegenerative diseases are usually the result of a gradual decrease in neurological function, which tends to accelerate with age. This decrease would be due to the appearance of inflammation and an immune reaction.

By modulating the cytokines responsible for immune reaction, the CBD used in ingestion would help to preserve the normal functioning of the nervous system, as it has been demonstrated in several studies *.

- Soothes tension

The effects of CBD on inflammation also seem to find an interest in helping to ease tensions, especially chronic ones. The use of CBD for rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia has also been found to help reduce the pain and inflammation associated with these disorders.

Scientists also noticed that participants were unlikely to develop a tolerance to the effects of CBD, which suggests that a constant dose of CBD ensures a lasting effect. He does not have side effects, and can therefore be used safely over a long period.

flacon huile CBD stress ho karan antidote broad spectrum 5%

In what form to use CBD?

Oral CBD

In the form of oil (like the Antidote) sprays, capsules, infusions or even capsules, the Oral CBD will end up directly in the digestive system, before being metabolized by the liver. It will then release its active ingredients into the blood and interact with the receptors of the endocannabinoid system.

Oral ingestion of CBD has some drawbacks: its absorption by our body is less, and its effects will take longer to appear. However, they will last longer.

The sublingual route, the most effective for enjoying the benefits of CBD?

To take advantage of virtues of CBD when ingested, the sublingual route (under the tongue) seems to be the one with the most advantages.

In the form of oil, the CBD is deposited under the tongue in the amount of a few drops (find out what dose according to your weight, the problem and its intensity, see here), to leave 30 to 90 seconds before being swallowed. This method of administration allows ultra-fast absorption of CBD, avoiding the journey through the digestive system. The active compounds of CBD are thus found directly in the blood, for a much faster effect. The other advantage of sublingual uptake of CBD also lies in the modulation of the dose of CBD to be ingested, very precise with the dropper bottle.

The first effects are felt 5 to 20 minutes after taking CBD sublingually.


The Antidote, our CBD oil for sublingual use

THEAntidote, our Broad Spectrum 5% CBD oil is presented as a soothing and regenerating elixir, which can be used both on the skin and ingested to enjoy the benefits of CBD on a global level.

Both cosmetic treatment and food supplement, it contributes to your internal and external well-being, by helping to limit stress and anxiety, by soothing pain (for example muscular or menstrual pain) and by naturally taking care of all the skin types.

Composed ofhemp oil enriched with CBD combined with vegan pro-collagen, the Antidote is as good for your body as it is good in taste, with a subtle and delicious scent of almond (due to the plum oil in the composition), which makes it a supplement food very pleasant to use.

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