OPEN LETTER: For once, I'm going to listen to my mother ...

I've been running with HO KARAN for a few years. 5 years to be precise. 5 years that I run after time, after distance also by making weekly round trips between Nantes and Paris, 5 years that I worry about our cash flow, for my employees, for the mountain of work that never seems to dry up , and that I tell everyone "everything is fine". Because it's true, I feel lucky, everything is fine, I'm up to speed and morale is good!

And then in mid-December my body let me go a little. After 5 years of lumbago that I repaired with appointments at the osteo and prevented when possible with pilates, and while I start my first day of Christmas vacation with my family in the mountains, I have a herniated disc and discover the joys of associated sciatica. In mid-January, following an MRI, the surgeon is final: it is necessary to operate. However, thanks to an intensive practice of yoga I manage to recover, to get rid of some of the pain, to regain flexibility and strength, all without slowing down the daily work rate. There is still a long way to go but at the end of February we decide to cancel the operation and choose rehabilitation through physiotherapy, yoga, swimming, and breathing exercises.


I couldn't slow down cause we planned a real encounter with you. A pop-up from April 1 to 30 in the Marais, our first retail expression before a boutique that I dream of opening in 2021. A unique moment punctuated by events, meetings, surprises from our fantastic partner brands to help you discover the holistic benefits of hemp and a "no stress" lifestyle. Obviously to advocate a "no stress" lifestyle when you run everywhere - even with a smile and morale - when you have a herniated disc and you take very few days off, is surely a fine illustration of the fact that "shoemakers are often the worst shod". However, it was not easy last week to postpone this meeting because I had put my heart into it and I was eager to meet you. Despite everything it was obvious after having worked hard for months, that it could not take place properly in the coming weeks given the health context. On Friday I announced to the whole team that the pop-up would be postponed and that we should now work in the home office for an indefinite period, hoping that it will be as short as possible.

 I have personally chosen to make the announced containment an opportunity. An opportunity to slow down, to refocus on my body, my mind. Get rid of the 110 late emails that plague me, make the 3 business presentations that I have been putting off for weeks, but above all read the 10 books that pile up on my bedside table and that I dream of devouring, reconnecting myself: with the people whom I do not call (and do not see) enough, with all these times of rest that I refused to myself, with our values ​​and our foundations.

A superb opportunity is given to us to rethink our fundamentals. What is it to consume? What world do we want? An ecological awareness and a crisis of meaning have exploded over the last few months, and yet we always take refuge behind economic arguments so as not to move too quickly: "it is not possible, the liner cannot change sides , our economy will not hold up ... ". Now is the time to lay down our foundations, to do the "stress-test" of our economy, our values ​​and our companies.

These next 15 days - at least - can do us some good, especially if like me you are alone with yourself for part of the day. If your heart tells you, we will try on our networks and in our newsletters to feed your thinking and brighten up your daily life. We have had a great opportunity to refocus on the essential and show solidarity!

I would end with one word, which we should say to each other more often: HO KARAN *. 

Laura <3

* "I love you", in Breton

 I share with you the very correct article by Raffaele Morelli, an Italian psychiatrist and psychotherapist who obviously reads the signs of the cosmos better than I do!

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