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Back-to-school stress, change of season, particular health situation and obligations affect the quality of your sleep when you return from vacation. To help you find more serene nights, hemp oil enriched with CBD helps to soothe the mind and naturally promote relaxation, without addiction. Find out how to use it well to enjoy all its benefits!

The effects of returning from vacation on the quality of sleep

The start of the school year is often synonymous with stress and sleep disturbances: in summer, the rhythm is often modified, bedtime later. In addition to professional, personal and family obligations, there are also consequences of the change of season : lower temperatures, less sunshine, sluggish vitality and holiday nostalgia also affect your morale and therefore the quality of your sleep.

If you have been able to go on vacation abroad, the jet lag effects can be felt from several days to several weeks on your body. The “jet lag” is characterized by a certain number of manifestations such as mood disorders, chronic fatigue, sleep disorders or even difficulties with concentration and memory.

The consequences of lack of sleep on your health

Sleep is a succession of cycles, about 3 to 6, 60 to 120 minutes each. Each cycle is divided into an alternating phase of slow, deep and REM sleep. 

  • Le slow sleep and light, which facilitates physical and mental recovery;
  • Le paradoxical sleep, conducive to dreams, which also plays on memory and mood;
  • Le deep sleep, which accounts for about 20% of sleep. It is this last phase that essentially promotes physical recovery. During this phase, the brain does not react to external stimuli such as noise or light, you are deeply asleep !

Several studies have been carried out in recent years on sleep, and it is now easy to prove that lack of sleep has very harmful consequences on your health.

Sleep is a major issue for many of you: 16% of French people have recently reported suffering from insomnia, and 17% sleep disorders according to a recent study conducted by MGEN and INSV! While sleep time varies with age, and daily activity, a minimum of 7 hours of sleep per night remains recommended for all.

Le chronic lack of sleep has consequences both on your body, but also on your mind: fatigue, difficulty concentrating and remembering, irritability ... sleeping troubles also affect the immune system as well as the digestive system.

L'Antidote, your natural back-to-school stress reliever

By acting on the body's endocannabinoid system, CBD helps to naturally regulate sleep cycles and promote relaxation.

Its positive action on stress and anxiety makes it possible to find sleep more quickly, in a completely natural way, without side effects and without addiction.

To simply enjoy the benefits of CBD on stress and sleep, discover The antidote : our new oil enriched with CBD.

Both cosmetic care and food supplement, the Antidote allows thanks to its sublingual application quickly disseminate its active ingredients in your body and release its relaxing and soothing properties before bedtime.

Made in France with ingredients 100% natural and vegan, our oil enriched with CBD broad spectrum of 30ml contains 1500mg of CBD (and the Antidote in 10ml has 500mg) and has a concentration of 5% - the natural concentration of CBD in hemp, therefore the most bioavailable and effective on the body! Learn more about the CBD broad spectrum here.

What dose before sleeping? To use the Antidote, a few drops under the tongue are enough before going to bed (30 minutes before) or during times of stress to fight anxiety, promote sleep and recovery. It also allows strengthen the skin at the cellular level for firmer and hydrated skin thanks to the HO KARAN pro-collagen innovation.

An anti-stress ally to adopt urgently!

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