Natural, vegan, crueltyfree, organic, what you need to know about our great ingredients

In terms of cosmetic care, the offer is growing and it is sometimes difficult to know for which product to choose between natural, organic or cruelty free. Each has different characteristics! Ho Karan helps you to choose well and to better understand the specificities of each one.

Differences between natural, vegan, organic and cruelty free ingredients

Organic ingredient vs natural ingredient

Certified organic cosmetics, cruelty free, vegan or even natural, it is sometimes difficult to navigate and make the right choice given the number of products available.

Un organic ingredient differs from a natural ingredient mainly by its mode of cultivation and its origin. The certified organic cosmetic products are formulated with a minimum percentage of ingredients from organic farming, which will not necessarily be the case for a so-called natural product.

When we choose an organic cosmetic, we sometimes mistakenly think that the composition is 100% natural and good for our skin. However, some organic labels allow the integration of certain potentially allergenic ingredients such as sulphates for example. On the other hand, tests on animals are prohibited.

So-called “natural” treatments may also contain ingredients of organic origin, but the products may not be certified due to the cost and the delay in obtaining the labels which can take up to several months. To assess the quality of cosmetic care that you want to buy, we advise you to check its composition carefully with the INCI list, to avoid conventional products which often use greenwashing as a sales technique. One of the industry's tips is for example to highlight a natural ingredient on the packaging, when in reality it will only be present in small quantities in the formulation of the product ...

Vegan or cruelty free, what are the differences?

Alongside cosmetic treatments containing natural and organic ingredients also include the vegan and cruelty free products. These treatments will not necessarily be exempt from containing ingredients that are potentially harmful to the body.

Un vegan cosmetic treatment is a product that does not contain any ingredient of animal origin in its formulation, whether or not it has caused the suffering and death of the animal used in its manufacture. The product known as “cruelty free” guarantees on the other hand this last point, but can contain animal ingredients like bee products for example.

To choose a cosmetic treatment that meets your expectations and your requirements, look at the packaging or the product sheet: several labels are in fact available to guarantee that a product is indeed certified organic, vegan or cruelty free. In the case of natural cosmetics without labels like Ho Karan for example, the composition of the product should reassure you about what is or is not in the product you want to buy.

As a general rule, the fewer ingredients in a product, the better! In the case of natural cosmetic care, the most frequently encountered ingredients will be one or more vegetal oils, possibly essential oils, plant extracts as well as hydrosols or floral waters. The other active ingredients complete the formula to provide targeted benefits on the most common problems.

Focus on Ho Karan ingredients

At Ho Karan, we have chosen to offer you care products for simple and crude formulations, because we sincerely believe that nature naturally provides us with everything our skin needs to be healthy.

All our cosmetics are formulated with ingredients cruelty-free and vegan. Our products contain between 96 and 100% ingredients of natural origin, some of which are organic. We also work for a local production of our ingredients: our hemp is cultivated and processed in Brittany.

Our treatments are formulated mainly with ingredients from hemp, such as oil, butter or essential oil. We have added other active ingredients such as vitamin C for its energizing benefits, pro-collagen or even hyaluronic acid to help reboost the skin.

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