Can we give CBD to children?

School phobias, minor anxieties, hyperactivity… You often ask us if you can give your children a few drops of CBD to soothe them.
The answer, over here.


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Cannabidiol (CBD) is a molecule derived from hemp. If it is legal in France and not psychotropic (unlike THC), it is psychoactive, like caffeine for example. And by acting on the nervous system, CBD helps relieve chronic pain, anxiety and nausea.

If since 2015, we enrich our formulations with CBD in certain natural treatments (such asAntidote our CBD oil, Miracle Balm, reboot serum,Libertine Oil…) It is for its antioxidant, emollient and regenerating properties! An in & out substance for all skin types, soothing for body and soul - and 100% legal. So inevitably, we ask ourselves the question: “If it's so great and safe, why not give it to my child?”. Hyperactivity, anxiety disorders and all the more so, when it is estimated that school phobias affect 1 to 2% of children and represent 5 to 7% of child psychiatry consultations (according to “Les Phobies scolaire d'Ajourdhui” by Nicole Catheline and Jean-Philippe Raynaud, 2016).


huile de cbd antidote broad spectrum 5% ho karan


If cannabis more generally was democratized in the United States, by the LGBTQ + community in the 80s and 90s during the HIV crisis (we explain everything to you here), the first experiments on CBD were also in the medical field. : in California, parents relieved their children with Dravet syndrome (a particularly severe form of epilepsy that cannot be completely treated with medication) with CBD. Doses, obviously huge, that we do not recommend to just anyone (NB: we recommend 30mg of CBD per day ingestion or half of a pipette of 30ml Antidote. Be careful not to exceed 70mg per day , in which case small side effects could be felt such as drowsiness or diarrhea, depending on the Professional Hemp Union).

Even if our 5% broad spectrum CBD oil is natural, non-psychotropic and largely derived from organic cultivation, to date, no scientific study allows us to validate use on the child in ingestion (in the same way as on animals, or pregnant and lactating women).

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What to do to soothe a stressed child?

To soothe your stressed children during this back-to-school period, sign them up for extracurricular activities that they like, gentle practices like yoga with the My Travel Dreams podcast The Little Yoga School or meditation especially for children and teenagers on Little Bamboo (excellent for creating sleep rituals), share creative activities like parent / child ceramic lessons from Chloe Desrosiers in Paris or family friendly cooking classes atChefs Workshop… And do not forget: listen to your child, and of course consult a specialist if all the disorders persist.

Finally, if stress is communicative, it may be that it is coming from your side. The best solution for the start of the school year? Treat yourself to a well-being massage to release tension and live peacefully with the family;)

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