Why treat yourself to a massage at the start of the school year?

During the start of the school year, transition between a well-deserved summer and often a rather hectic month of September, this may be the ideal time to treat yourself to a massage. A well-being break where you can let go to offer your body a new lease of life - perfect for attacking this new year, without stress! And probably the best of all resolutions;)

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An anti-stress massage has multiple benefits, for the body and the mind. Here are already 3 that could change your return to school:

1. Relieve muscle tension:

Back pain, neck pain, tense shoulders… 81% of French people suffer from muscle tension (according to Ifop). An inconvenience that often comes from harmless gestures, but repeated daily: bad posture on your office chair, wearing too heavy shopping bags, watching TV at the wrong angle, bending over while ironing your laundry ... Not to mention fatigue and stress! In this way, and repeatedly, the muscle increases in tone and finds it difficult to return to its original position - it is tense, contracted (sometimes without even noticing it) and often causes pain. Massage helps promote muscle flexibility and release muscle tension that can easily spoil our lives, and / or make us adopt bad postures.  

2. Reduce stress:

Stress has been our number 1 subject at HO KARAN since 2015! And if we opened our massage studio at the HOY hotel, it was to extend the experience in real life. If summer is a period when we tend to let go, back to school, its share of novelties and requests can quickly make us forget all the good energies stored. Massages reduce stress, it's scientifically proven. More precisely, the movements on the skin and the solicitation of the dermis (the deep layer of the skin) soothe the muscles, and greatly lower the production of cortisol, the stress hormone - in favor of serotonin and endorphin, the hormones of relief and pleasure. How to give a good #nostress massage? The answer at HOY with our masseuses with fairy fingers!

3. Better sleep:

If you are having difficulty falling asleep or sleeping 7 to 8 hours for long, restful nights, massage can be a powerful ally. In general, the state of appeasement begins as soon as you step through a studio: soft lighting, relaxing music (find all our #NoStress playlists on the Spotify Ho Karan account), diffusion of essential oils ... state of calm and zenitude when the parasympathetic system is stimulated: decrease in heart rate, lowering of blood pressure… Tensions are released, blood and lymphatic circulation optimized… The key to restful nights of sleep if you subscribe to insomnia or difficulty falling asleep. Moreover, according to the academy of massage and orthotherapy, 80% of people massaged notice better sleep, the two days following a massage - a soothing and lasting effect - everything you need to get off to a good start. !



Good news: no need for a massage table at home or to be addicted to Treatwell or Wecasa! At the HOY hotel, Studio No Stress reopened its doors this week: face and body massages (or both at the same time) with HO KARAN oils and treatments formulated from hemp and CBD for ultimate relaxation, and a technique directly inspired by Shiatsu, derived from Chinese medicine. The idea: modeling and pressure on the body's reflex points to immerse the body and mind in a state of deep relaxation, loosen the knots of stress and release energy. A good reset to maximize the relaxing effect of the holidays!

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