Why use a lubricant?

Discover the benefits and uses of edible lubricating oil, Ho Karan Libertine Oil. Whether you are a novice or experienced, we take stock of how to integrate this little-known but powerful ally to boost your sexuality and enrich your intimate experiences.

Use a lubricant for a serene and fulfilling sexuality

Regardless of age or sexual orientation, there are many who have not yet incorporated the lubricant into their intimate experiments, or even never tested! However, this accessory - not so accessory - too often overlooked and underestimated, can boost your sexuality. In which cases?

In case of vaginal dryness

During episodes of vaginal dryness : drug treatment (including Roaccutane against acne), the postpartum period (the 3 months following childbirth) and breastfeeding, taking anti-depressants or unsuitable contraception (often, microdosed pill), menopause, stress, fatigue and even tobacco can disrupt the natural hydration of the skin and mucous membranes, and therefore be responsible for an intimate imbalance. If these episodes last only a time, they can be regular. Of course, the lubricant does not replace an adapted treatment but helps to bring more comfort during the intercourse and facilitates the penetration.

For lubricants formulated with vegetable oil (such as our Libertine Oil), you can also use it as a daily soothing and nourishing treatment.

In case of pain or discomfort

Many events or circumstances during our life can impact our intimate comfort. Whether after childbirth, following a trauma (vaginismus...) or linked to gynecological pathologies (endometriosis...), sexuality can become uncomfortable or even painful, becoming a source of stress and apprehension.  Gentleness and patience are then the key words. An intimate and lubricating oil allows you both to promote slow sex (oral sex, massages...) and to bring you more comfort during penetration.

In case of premature ejaculation or performance rush

In case of'premature ejaculation, the lubricant can make the friction less intense, and therefore prolong the duration of the pleasure.
Finally, it doesn't matter for whom, when or how, this is a great way to spice up his intimate life and a real ally for experiment : sextoys, anal or oral penetration, masturbation ...

We are inspired by our discussion with Dora Moutot on the challenges of female and male sexuality to pimp up the routine, and we can of course use the lubricant (and especially ours, the Libertine Oil) as massage oil, intimate or not. We take stock of the ingredients below.

HO KARAN Libertine Oil: innovation at the service of intimacy  

The Libertine Oil **, we thought of it as a little natural boost for all your intimate experiments, alone or in pairs, in an inclusive and benevolent way.

Non-sticky and edible, it is made in France (discover his journey) and is composed of 100% natural ingredients (and more than 90% of the ingredients of the formula come from organic farming.): hazelnut oil, hemp seed oil, plum oil, sunflower oil, and extracts of erogenous plants (fig,ginseng, ginger, cocoa) known for their vertus aphrodisiacs.

But the real innovation is to have injected CBD there! Libertine Oil is the first French CBD intimate oil, and it is also our first CBD treatment. Broad Spectrum * (broad spectrum, to benefit from the entourage effect) at HO KARAN. Vasodilator, CBD allows a smooth rise in arousal, and CBG, anti-inflammatory, helps to limit discomfort and friction sensations.

Sold out

* We explain everything about the CBD Broad Spectrum * on the blog in the next few days, stay tuned!

** Libertine Oil is compatible with second-skin type polyisoprene condoms, and not compatible with latex condoms. Learn more about compatibilities in the FAQ.

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