Why and how to purify indoor air?

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In these times of health crisis, we are all trying to increase our level of well-being and keep viruses and bacteria away from our interior! Find out why and how to naturally purify the air in your home or apartment and create a healthy and invigorating atmosphere.

Why purify the air?

Did you know that the air you breathe in enclosed spaces is approximately 8 times more polluted than the outside air?

In addition to the viruses and bacteria that invade your home, dust, the furniture you buy, the paints on your walls, the hair of your pets as well as the outdoor pollutants build up over time, and can cause respiratory problems.

The interior of your house or apartment contains so-called VOCs, volatile organic compounds. They are literally everywhere around you and give off potentially toxic gases and vapors in the long run.

If you live in an urban environment, you are exposed in addition to these compounds to polluting particles released by cars or industrial factories located nearby.

Purify the air in your home, it is to limit your already too important exposure to these harmful particles, which can cause more or less serious disorders according to your sensitivity. Going home and breathing healthy and fresh air is also increase your well-being and recharge your batteries, essential in this time of health crisis where restrictions are piling up!

How to naturally purify the ambient air?

Air at least 10 minutes a day

First natural reflex to adopt to purify the air : renew it regularly! The ideal is to ventilate all the rooms in the house, summer and winter, for at least 10 minutes. If you live in an urban area, ventilate in the morning and as soon as possible to limit vehicle exhaust fumes, or later in the evening.

Also avoid using synthetic candles, conventional deodorants or even incense, which only hide bad smells and contain harmful particles for your health and for the environment!

Keep a healthy interior and use natural products

Most household cleaners found in conventional stores contain many chemicals et synthetic fragrances potentially allergenic. If you use them, ventilate the room well while you are using them and after to prevent them from stagnating.

Now there are manynatural alternatives to maintain your home in a healthier way: black soap, baking soda or even Marseille soap and essential oils, do not hesitate to test and manufacture your own detergents!

Also, don't forget to do a big Spring cleaning in your home, by eliminating dust, cleaning fabrics and carpets or even changing your mattresses regularly.

Adopt depolluting houseplants

Another solution to benefit from a healthier air in the house : adopt depolluting plants ! If you don't have a green thumb, choose so-called succulents, which require little maintenance such as dyspsis lutescens, elastic fig tree or spathiphyllum lily.

Place them in the main places of your house or apartment: in addition to helping to purify the air, they provide a soothing and relaxing vegetal side !

Diffuse purifying and sanitizing essential oils

To enjoy cleaner air while enjoying the benefits of aromatherapy, you can also diffuse essential oils with cleansing and deodorizing properties such as lemon oils, hemp essential oil or Scots pine. Alone or in synergy, they invite relaxation and relaxation while pleasantly scenting the rooms of the house.

La Vie en Vert, our new purifying spray for the home, but not only!

To help you purify the air in your house or apartment, help limit the proliferation of viruses and bacteria in your home and bring you serenity on a daily basis, we have imagined Life in Green, our new 100% natural purifying spray, offered without a case and in a 100% recyclable glass bottle.

Its fresh scent of bergamot combines with cannabis terpenes and sea spray with purifying properties to create a fresh and invigorating atmosphere in any room of your home. We have also added to our natural purifying spray clary sage and sandalwood with relaxing benefits to contribute to your well-being.

Vegan and made in France based on essential oils known for their cleansing and antibacterial properties, this purifying spray for the home can also be used as a deodorant for textiles, or to sanitize other surfaces such as yoga mats for example. Discover it now on the e-shop!

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