Recipe: hemp milk and CBD

Each month, Fanny, the head of Parsley & Mimosa, concocts a vegetable recipe (and easy to make) based on hemp and / or CBD. We start with a must, the (homemade) hemp milk, the anti-stress drink par excellence.

Ingredients, for 1 liter of drink:

- 200g of organic hemp seeds
- 750ml of filtered water
- 50g of sweetener (dates, agave syrup, coconut sugar ...)
- 1 pinch of vanilla powder

Recipe :
- The day before, soak the hemp seeds in 250ml of water (and the dates if it is the sweetener you want to use)
- The next day, rinse the seeds thoroughly, puis mix them in a blender with 500ml of water (and dates).
- Filter using a fine cloth. (In the laundry will remain the hemp okara which you can use as almond powder)
- Add the sweetener if other than dates and vanilla.
- Keep refrigerated for 3 days in a glass bottle.

Possibility of replacing half of the seeds with almonds or hazelnuts for example. And / or to “flavor” the milk with raw cocoa or matcha.
For an even more relaxing effect, don't forget to add a few drops of CBD oil, like the antidote.


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Thanks to Fanny for @persiletmimosa for his recipe, discover its food & well-being rituals and see you next month on Ho Karan's blog for a new vegetable recipe based on hemp!

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