Recipe: vegetable hemp breakfast

A vegetable recipe imagined by Fanny the chef of Persil et Mimosa for a healthy, fresh breakfast that is very easy to make thanks to our OKLM infusion and the adaptogenic powders of our friends Hygée.

For 1 bowl:

- 200g of farmhouse white cheese
- 2 cc of Hygeal Energy powder
- 1 tbsp of OKLM HO KARAN herbal tea
- 100g of water
- 100g of sugar
- 2 Tbsp of homemade granola or not
- Fruits, herbs and summer flowers: apricots, cherries, strawberries, basil, lavender, nasturtiums, thyme flowers ...
1 / Boil the water with the OKLM infusion CS.
2 / Once the herbal tea is well infused, filter, then put back on the heat with sugar to make a syrup! Let sip until the liquid coats the spoon.
3 / Mix a little syrup with the yogurt as well as the 2 tsp of hygee energy powder.
4 / place the cut fruits, flowers and herbs on the yogurt
5 / enjoy with a good OKLM herbal tea

6 / Start the day calm!

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