When Cannabis Sativa L. meets Aloe Vera ... a sweet marriage with amazing benefits!

We are talking to you mainly about Cannabis Sativa, quite simply because it is part of the DNA and the heritage of HO KARAN, because it is our flagship ingredient, our treasure, the one that fascinates us and guides us every day ... But for once, we are going to break the rule and highlight another plant ... also present in many of our treatments: Aloe Vera.

An ancestral plant

Like Cannabis,Aloe vera has been cultivated and used for millennia in the 4 corners of the world: Chinese medicine, Ayurvedic, Egyptian, Greek ... all had detected the incredible potential of this succulent plant from the Aloe family.

Yet theAloe vera is basically water, 99% to be exact.
But don't stop there ... the magic happens in that remaining 1%.
A small% that is a miracle as it is rich in vitamins, minerals and amino acids. This cocktail of super ingredients is found in the gel ofAloe vera.
The plant produces two substances: the latex which can be irritating and the gel which is full of virtues, it can be drunk, taken as a food supplement but above all has incredible cosmetic virtues.

A cosmetic plant with 4 powers


The gel ofAloe vera helps your skin to retain water on the surface and thus ensures long-lasting hydration. The same goes for your hair: theAloe vera applied to wet hair keeps water in the hair fiber.


THEAloe vera boosts collagen production and cell renewal, it thus stimulates the skin and helps it to regenerate naturally, ideal for small acne scars for example.


Recognized for its antiseptic and bactericidal propertiesAloe vera prevents small infections, moreover it leaves a light film on the skin and thus protects the cutaneous barrier from daily aggressions.


It activates micro-circulation and relies on its repairing active ingredients to firm and plump tissues.

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