"No burn-out" week: How to get out of it?

As we mentioned in the previous Article, burnout can have serious consequences on the health and well-being of the person who experiences it.

When the burn-out has been installed for several weeks or several months, it is essential to put in place actions to get out of it, accompanied by a specialized therapist for personalized and effective support and to avoid isolation due to 'work stopping. Here are our tips.

How to get out of a burnout?

The prerequisite for get out of a burnout is first of all to become aware of it and to accept it, with the help of a health professional who will know how to guide you according to your situation. In addition, several steps can be followed to gradually regain your well-being:

Step 1: Take time for yourself, without the guilt

Once the diagnosis of burnout has been established, the first step is to take time for yourself, relax and do yourself good. As a general rule, burnout is accompanied by a work stoppage of several weeks, which allows time to be freed up. to reconnect.

This first step usually takes place over a period of 3 weeks to a month, the time to regain the necessary energy and gradually regain self-confidence by using holistic solutions like Massages, yoga, EMDR or even hypnotherapy. Gradually, the person with burnout regains more well-being, the physical symptoms decrease and sleep becomes more restful since exposure to the trigger is considerably reduced.

Step 2. Analyze the situation to take action and find meaning

After this step comes the time to analyze the situation and find solutions to take action and no longer reproduce the patterns, beliefs or behaviors at the origin of the onset of burnout. The idea is to take stock so that you can set healthy boundaries, whether it's work relationships or family relationships. Therapeutic coaching focused on self-esteem and self-confidence can also be considered if the burnout was caused by too high expectations of oneself or by too much perfectionism. For example, you can materialize in writing the causes of burnout, the emotions as well as the problems encountered. Also take stock of your qualities, your successes and your past learning to boost your confidence.

The therapist who accompanies you will help you to see more clearly, and to put in place with you the appropriate solutions.

Step 3: Prepare for a gradual return to work

To optimize the effectiveness of the actions and solutions recommended, it is essential to gradually prepare for the return to work, by listening to his emotions and feelings. As a general rule, the person who has experienced a burnout needs a renewal in the tasks which are usually entrusted to him. Burnout also leads many people to totally change lanes and find a job more in line with their values.

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Our events to follow this week

To go further and help you better understand the causes of burnout and the holistic solutions you can adopt to deal with it, we offer several live Instagrams in collaboration with specialized therapists:

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Emilie Delétré, burnout specialist and hypnotherapist, & Laure Bouguen

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