Relieve sunburn: our natural tips

Our tips for repairing the skin naturally when you get sunburned in the summer.

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Forgetting or prolonged exposure and that's the tragedy: a small (or large) burn, or, an inflammatory reaction because of UVB from the sun. On the skin and face, this results in redness, burns, and sometimes, what we fear most (admit), blisters.
UV (ultra-violet rays) come from the electromagnetic energy of the sun. They are classified into several categories according to the wavelength: UVB, UVA, UVC, infrared ... And this, even when the sky is cloudy (they are also reflected in snow, grass, water or sand) ! Hence the importance of wearing a base with a sun protection factor, whatever your place of residence, and all year round. And of course in summer, or in tropical areas, don't skimp on accessories such as hats, anti-UV t-shirts, etc.

UVA and UVB are different:

  • UVA: they penetrate deep into the skin, down to the dermis, and are responsible for pigment spots and premature aging of the skin (small wrinkles). Sometimes even cancers. Note: a window does not necessarily protect against UVA!
  • UVB: they penetrate to the epidermis, so less deeply, but cause superficial damage in the event of abuse of exposure (or lack of sun protection): sunburn, burns, blisters, etc ... They too, in the event of prolonged exposure, are responsible for skin cancer.

How to naturally relieve sunburn?

Dehydrated, your skin eventually peels (the cells being burned) and demands to be cared for. Some tips to soothe damaged facial and body skin:
  • To drink a lot of water : the very principle of inside & out beauty. By hydrating your body from the inside, this is often seen on the outside (drink at least 1,5 liters of water per day, and more if you play sports or if you sweat a lot!)
  • Open your fridge : on the side of grandmothers' remedies, we note honey, tomato (sip of vitamin A to repair the skin), lemon to soothe and even yogurt (thanks to anti-inflammatory lactic ferments) or baking soda (for its antiseptic properties).
  • Use plants : applied to burnt skin, aloe vera gel is excellent (and very refreshing) thanks to its amino acids and allows rapid regeneration! Lavender essential oil relieves pain, and our favorite remedy is, you might know, hemp oil. Did you know ? According to a study by the Canadian Agri-Food Research Center and the National Agronomic School of Montpellier, hemp oil would have a natural sun protection index of 6. Not much we grant you, of course prefer an index 50 whatever your skin type. As an after-sun, cannabis (and / or CBD) oil is your ally. Anti-inflammatory, it calms the pain and the itching. Antibacterial, it helps prevent infections. antioxidant, it fights against the proliferation of free radicals. And ultra nourishing, it deeply hydrates the skin.
The good idea? A very regenerating Biafine-style SOS mask with miracle balm (CBD, cannabis oil and extracts of marine microalgae) on the most damaged areas. And on a daily basis, we brush ourselves withAmazing oil (cannabis oil, inca inchi oil and tsubaki oil) for soft, protected skin and hair.

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Good to know : the skin cells are renewed almost every month. After a sunburn, we favor the cap and naps in the shade - the best place to fill the pages of our anti-vacation notebook, 30 pages of new games for a really #NoStress summer;)

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