Testimonials: how to use the Antidote?

Menstrual and muscle pain, insomnia, peaks of stress, fine lines ... The Antidote is our hybrid treatment: a 5% broad spectrum CBD oil, to be used in & out, to calm many ailments that we can suffer on a daily basis. The whole Ho Karan team is seduced, and tells how the Antidote has changed their life.

Marion, communication department
His problem: painful periods
"When my period becomes very painful, especially after putting in an IUD, I take a few drops of the Antidote and I massage my lower abdomen. The pain disappears a few minutes later. The first time, the results me. really amazed! "

Margaux, editorial department
His problem: too short nights
"I had a lot of trouble falling asleep at night (and yet I love sleeping!). Of a rather anxious nature, at bedtime for years, 1000 thoughts and to-do lists of all kinds jostled, and I m rarely fell asleep before 2 a.m., regardless of when you woke up the next day. Since then, I've created a little ritual one hour before going to bed: a few drops of Antidote (which I love the taste of) under the tongue, essential oils, and a moisturizer with which I give myself small massages. It's magic! I fall asleep naturally and faster, I do full nights without waking up and I am much fitter in the morning ! "

Laure, founder
His problem: the skin
"I use the Antidote on the face as an oil at night. No serum + cream, just the Antidote as a massage. The next morning, the skin is very soft! CBD is a great antioxidant so I do it for it. anti-aging side, but since it is an anti-seborrheic and hemp oil is very good for oily skin, it is also to relieve my skin from inflammation and repair it with all the hormonal changes. "

Agnès, production department
His problem: relaxation
"I take a few drops of the Antidote sublingually at the end of the day, before going for my little evening stroll by the sea with a podcast in my ears. The best way to unwind and disconnect!"

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