CBD, A World Tour of Its Best Uses

While CBD has arrived in France recently, other countries have been fortunate enough to benefit from this incredible ingredient for several months already.

From one country to another, from one culture to another, the ways of consuming Cannabidiol differ, so we take you on a little tour of the world of the best uses of CBD.

Ready to take to the skies on flight 420?

Stopover 1 - California 

CBD brunch

The palm trees, the sound of the waves, the skates which intermingle on the edge of the beach, 270 days of sunshine a year… Can you see yourself there? Welcome to California.

This state of the American West is renowned for its relaxed lifestyle and you will see that when it comes to CBD, again Californians know how to do it.  

Sunday morning at 11 a.m., after a surf session at Malibu Surfrider Beach and a little trip to the Atwater village market, we get into the kitchen to prepare a Brunch not quite like the others.

In fact Californians mainly consume CBD ingestion and have already become accustomed for a few months to integrate the CBD at their Sunday brunch. To wow their guests, they pimp the brunch essentials with CBD:


  1. Spread Greek yogurt on toasted wholemeal bread.
  2. Place thin slices of avocado
  3. Drizzle with a drizzle ofCBD oil
  4. Garnish with mint leaves, hemp seeds and lemon zest


  1. In a shaker, combine 5 coriander leaves and a finely chopped sweet pepper.
  2. Squeeze a grapefruit, two limes and an orange and pour into the shaker.
  3. Add ice, shake well.
  4. Fill the glasses by half, complete with lemonade
  5. Place 4 drops ofcannabidiol oil   

With these two recipes, you have something to impress your guests who will soon be.

Le CBD will allow your guests to relax and put an end to anxiety as Monday morning approaches. The only risk? They might not want to leave and chill in the garden all afternoon :)  


Stopover 2 - Canada 

CBD oil, Beauty ingredient

The temperature shock is a bit extreme, say goodbye to your surfboard and put on a good puffer jacket, it's -12 outside.

The cold takes hold of you and after only a few hours walking the streets of Montreal your skin is already tight and redness points to the tip of their nose.

Yet if you look around, Canadians all look good. How do they do ? They hydrate their skin deeply thanks to theCBD oil.


  1. Place a dab of cream in the palm of your hand
  2. Pour 1 drop ofCBD oil
  3. Mix and apply to the face in small circles to activate circulation and promote penetration


  1. In the hand, pour 2 drops of hemp oil (Cannabis Sativa L) and 1 drop ofCBD oil
  2. Apply to the face and neck (gentlemen, do not neglect the beard, it too is weakened by the cold and this mix CBD oil + hemp oil is perfect for her)

Le CBD acts like a super-antioxidant and comes to nourish, plump and protect your skin from the cold, you are ready to leave to discover the national parks.



Stopover 3 - Denmark

The Hygge cannabidiol version 

10 hours of flight later, the temperature has not changed, the atmosphere is completely different: welcome to the kingdom of hygge, Denmark.

Here, cocooning and relaxation are the kings so we put on the big socks and we take full advantage of this moment thanks to the CBD.

For the Hygge CBD version follow the guide:

  1. Take out the candles
  2. Prepare a good homemade hot chocolate
  3. Make a chimney fire
  4. Place large plaids in front of the fireplace
  5. Lie down comfortably on the plaids
  6. Mix hemp oil (2/3) and CBD oil (1/3) in a small container
  7. Use the liquid (mix hemp oil and CBD oil) to massage you

…. all you have to do is enjoy

The massageCBD oil... the Danes are fans of it and for good reason, according to them it is a very good treatment for joint or muscle pain and of course the CBD is ideal for de-stressing and having a good time: an ingredient made for Hygge in short.


Stopover 4 - Spain

Sport differently with cannabidiol oil

The temperature is getting milder here, we are getting closer to France, but we are not quite at the end of our journey, the last stopover: Spain.

Barcelona is the European capital of skateboarding and not only, outdoor sport is a religion for our neighbors: bodybuilding near the beach in Barcelona, ​​skate at the Mar Bella spot, cycling on Rambla Cataluyna, jogging on the beach.

Things are moving in all directions ... But not just any old way: sport is experienced as an exercise, of course, but also as a real moment of life and pleasure.

To do this, the Spaniards do not hesitate to bet on the CBD to achieve a more complete well-being during their skate sessions or other.

Regarding the dosage, they deposit 3 to 4 drops ofCBD oil directly under the tongue before their session to be in full awareness of their body during the effort.

Body and mind are one and the activity takes on a whole new meaning: much more holistic.

Le CBD is also taken after training to relieve muscle spasms that may appear after a heavy workout.



Final destination

Welcome back in France

After this little world tour of the best tips, it's time to land.

So will you be inspired by this trip for your own uses of the CBD? Which of these stops was your favorite?

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