Antidote is an elixir with Soothing and regenerating CBD for your internal and external well-being. A real revolution in the world of beauty!

A soothing and antioxidant plant elixir to relax and regenerate you

Antidote is an ingestible serum, an innovative two-in-one treatment that helps maintain your internal and external balance, for your daily well-being. Blue screens, stress, lack of sleep and the passage of time prevent your skin and body from regenerating. HO KARAN R&D has developed a unique antioxidant complex of CBD and vegan pro-collagen to help you improve the longevity of your cells and calm you down.

Little more: its delicious and delicate scent is reminiscent of frangipane.

The Antidote in 30ml at 1000mg of CBD and the Antidote in 10ml at 333mg of CBD have a concentration of 3,33%. 

This product is not a medical device.