The root causes of your stress

To understand your profile IP-Φ in detail, we offer you an in-depth analysis of all its components.

You express mainly internal stress, linked to your beliefs and your perception of yourself, and of the world around you. This data comes from a weighted average carried out on your various areas of stress (health, work, money, emotional relationships and existential questions).

To allow you to better understand the environment in which you evolve, as well as your way of being, we are going to decipher the different causes of your stress in order of importance, and this in each area (also classified in descending order) .

The causes of stress of the IP-Φ profile


The Healthcare


Affective relationships


Active, you are even more precisely self-employed or in freelance status. The world of work is complex and requires accommodation from a social point of view but also in terms of productivity, flexibility, skills... For your part, it requires great rigor and gives you a lot of responsibilities, you you are at the head of your ship and your income depends on yourself. So many factors that can be sources of stress in your daily life.

You are going through a difficult episode at work like more than one in two French people.*

*according to our study carried out on 1234 people in 2022

From time to time, stress can allow you to give the best of yourself, it is the small dose of adrenaline thanks to which you surpass yourself. However, when work stress persists, it becomes the source of many physical, emotional and mental ailments. It can also impact your personal life and the quality of your family, friendly or romantic relationships. And this, regardless of your seniority or skill level. In these cases, it is essential to take action, do not let this situation settle. Start by identifying the source of this stress at work, and make the necessary changes.

Work, your key area related to stress:

Work-life balance (internal stress)

It is mainly an imbalance between your professional and personal life that disturbs you.

Technological advances, job insecurity and, in recent years, the standardization of teleworking have only accentuated this imbalance. Even if you are very invested, learn to set limits and never neglect the moments of break. This will allow you to recharge the batteries (thanks to sport, with your circle of friends and family, during holidays...) and to avoid coming close to burnout.

Try slow working!

You may progress more slowly in your career, in the development of your business or in the validation of certain skills, but a reasonable pace will allow you to keep up the pace over the long term!

Do you know slow working?
Canadian researcher and writer Myriam Jézéquel defines this working method as a different way of appropriating one's working time to make better use of it. In the book “Slow Working”, the personal trainer Diane Ballonad Rolland explains in 10 points how to work less but better.
For example, we advise you to set schedules and impose yourself to respect them, to dedicate time slots to the processing of emails and substantive topics, or to limit the number of appointments per day so as not to be overwhelmed. . Become master of your agenda so that it is not master of your life!
Work rate (external stress)

According to you, your work rhythm has an impact on your mental health: extended and staggered hours, many trips... You are involved in your work and you have to comply with certain constraints. The situation weighs on you, and if it continues, according to ANSES, it can disturb your balance: your internal clock, your cognitive performance, the quality of your social life... INRS (the National Institute for Research and Safety for the prevention of accidents at work and occupational diseases) recommends several measures to limit the negative effects of atypical hours: development of regular and flexible rotation systems, favoring weekends of rest, shortening the time slots for taking up shifts, etc. .

For the sociologist Marc Loriol, specialist in stress at work, the key is solidarity. If you don't have colleagues with whom to talk about your discomfort, don't stay ruminating in your corner.
Take stock regularly with your customers or partners, to share your constraints with them. You will see that a little communication can often solve a lot of problems!
Your place at work (internal stress)

You think you have difficulty asserting yourself and you do not get enough respect for yourself. The good thing is that you are aware of it and you know your limits! To avoid implosion, prioritize communication and learn to say no to the right people without feeling guilty - you can't be blamed for respecting yourself. For example, use NVC (or Non Violent Communication), a method of communication to help you develop certain qualities such as empathy, compassion and respect in order to calm your relationships with others.

Your stress at work, made up of the factors listed above, is bound to continue.

63% of French people say they are unhappy at work.*

*According to a study conducted by YouGov for Chance (the digital coaching course for professional retraining)

Do not hide your discomfort and give yourself the means to improve your work environment, while accepting the situation. Break the routine, communicate, stay optimistic and for bigger problems, never hesitate to seek support. An outside look (via therapy or simply a career review) can help you take a completely different direction!

To go further, perhaps ask about leadership training or conferences. One more way to get out of your comfort zone and make some adjustments - you might be surprised!

The causes of stress of the IP-Φ profile


The Healthcare


Affective relationships

The Healthcare

The subject of health concerns you, and it is quite normal. According to the WHO, "good health is essential for happiness and well-being". Your body sends you messages and you know how to listen to them. Be careful, however, not to let yourself be overwhelmed by your feelings, or by those of others. The little messages that the body sends should not become deafening noises.

You are worried about your own health and that of your loved ones. Listening to your body and present for your loved ones, this reflects your degree of empathy but also your desire to react and move forward. Do you feel helpless in this situation? It's normal.

The health (of a loved one or of oneself) is one of the major stress factors.*

*According to our stress study carried out on 1.234 people

It is especially in these moments that you have to take care of yourself. Don't let guilt overwhelm you, give yourself moments just for you to take off and try to move forward.

The health sector worries you second:

Unbalanced diet (internal stress)
When it comes to you, it's your rather unbalanced diet that weighs you down. The good news is that being aware of this is the first step to regaining control of the situation.

Lack of motivation, time, resources or information... Try to identify the blockages that are holding you back. Food is "the first medicine" affirmed the doctor Hippocrates from Antiquity! If our lifestyles have changed, the needs of the human body to function well remain the same. A balanced diet should not become a chore or even a source of stress.

Gradually, start the movement at your own pace, introduce new habits each week: the Ministry of Health recommends fresh fruits and vegetables (even better if they are organic and in season), pulses rich in fiber , nuts for omega 3... Identify potential food deficiencies and fill them with food supplements. If you feel the need, be accompanied by a nutritionist

Lifestyle (internal stress)

Your lifestyle concerns you. Little or no sport, too many screens, few real breaks to really rest...

If you realize this, it may be time to adapt your routine to prioritize your well-being. Find the right balance between your schedule and your physical and mental capacities to introduce more comfort and in the long term, optimize your healthy life expectancy. Do not neglect the notion of pleasure because it is thanks to this that you will be able to anchor these new habits.

Test sports that appeal to you and try to stick to them (find yourself a partner to motivate you, for example), open a book instead of binge watching series, plan a vacation for a change of scenery and treat yourself to evenings or light weekends, anything but exhausting.
Never forget that the hardest part is getting started!
Excess (internal stress)

It is your excesses that mainly worry you: tobacco, alcohol, recreational substances... You know that in too large quantities, these cute little sins do you no good, but then why do they bring you so much comfort?

These substances release dopamine in the short term and help trigger pleasure - a bit like a minute emotional bandage.*

*According to

Inevitably, the desire to consume this type of psychoactive substance again reappears, without solving your basic problems or the origin of your stress.

To change your habits, start by setting limits or find substitutes that are really beneficial in the long term for the body and the mind (a hot tea, a few drops of CBD, a handful of almonds...), then put the finger on the source of the problem thanks to a specialist. In case of difficulty or addiction, consult an addictologist who will help you quit.

The stress of health is with you permanently

Whether it's your loved ones or yourself, when the subject of health disturbs you, this situation persists.

If certain events are inevitable, it is better to learn to live with them and give yourself the means to soften your daily life. If you're here, that's already a good point, there's no point in making you feel guilty!

Be grateful to your body. It accompanies you every day and if it evolves, it is simply that it reflects the positive and negative things that happen to you in life. Accept that the smooth, unmarked bodies, or poreless skin you see scrolling through social media aren't realistic. However, loving yourself as you are does not mean mistreating your body! Take care of it on a daily basis, hoping that the health-related stress, lasting in your home for the moment, can fade away. For a more peaceful life, find the right balance, listen to your feelings and be optimistic. The only thing we can control, according to the Stoics, is our inner attitude towards it.

We also advise you to listen to the program of Great good do you devoted to stoicism on France Inter, with insights from the philosophers Roger-Pol Droit, Marie Robert and Thibaut de Saint Maurice.

The causes of stress of the IP-Φ profile


The Healthcare


Affective relationships


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The area of ​​money worries you in a moderate way.

You are a freelancer

The profits from your own structure are your main sources of income.

Inevitably, if your business is going through a complicated phase, the situation may alarm you. If you have the possibility, cover your back and try to diversify your sources of income with several regular customers. Get closer to auto-entrepreneurs on common verticals to make yourself known and stick together when times get tougher. Don't be afraid to put yourself forward: on social networks like Linkedin or Instagram, on platforms like Malt. Sometimes, a little reminder of your talents and your achievements can open doors for you! Also try to temporize, if you are about to go through a difficult period, many aid systems are in place in France to support you.

You are facing financial stress. Indeed, financial worries can impact your mental and physical health, the quality of your relationships and your overall life.

In Canada, where the subject of money is less taboo than in France, 3 out of 4 people report having a high level of stress related to money.*

*according to an Optima Santé Globale study

Your concern about your financial situation feeds itself. And according to you, this feeling is not ready to fade. Hold fast. If you had to remember only one thing, know that the solution is not to hide the problems under the rug, but precisely to put your hands in it!

To recover your serenity, start by being very clear about your financial situation. There are a multitude of tips and popularizer accounts on the internet to regain control of the situation and reduce your anxiety (such as the Instagram account and Plan Cash training, the Spoune newsletter or the Glorieuses one). Make a radical change in the way you operate: make choices about your expenses, move to offer yourself a more adequate living environment, or change your relationship with money (diversify your sources of income, lift taboos, take an interest in investment...). You will find that it will then be much easier for you to rejoice in the small daily victories.

If money does not bring happiness, neither does its absence. There are a multitude of solutions today to ease your financial stress, from daily tips to coaching and associations.
Do not isolate yourself if you encounter distress, you could even take a liking to financial culture and radically change the way you see things!

The causes of stress of the IP-Φ profile


The Healthcare


Affective relationships

Affective relationships

You are in a relationship, a daily challenge to find the right balance between desires and compromises. If you feel imprisoned, learn to live by expressing your needs and never forget that a relationship, even if there are ups and downs, should remain a source of joy.

Love, family, your social circle... It doesn't matter if your social life is rich or more restricted, your affective relationships are not a source of major concern. You are a loyal, caring, generous person and you are well reciprocated, or you are simply emotionally satisfied! Continue to be available, attentive and always sincere with the people around you. In any case, solid relationships are built over time with a little effort and remain an essential foundation in life to move forward serenely, take care of it on a daily basis.  

The nature and quality of your emotional relationships can stress you out from time to time, but the good news is that you know that this situation is temporary. You are well aware that an argument, a discord or a moment of emptiness are inevitable passages in a social, family or romantic circle. In the meantime, don't isolate yourself and surround yourself with caring, attentive people with whom you want to move forward!

You are ready to make the right adjustments to get back on a good footing.

The solutions

The area of ​​affective relationships is of moderate concern to you.

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