The solutions adapted to soothe your stress

We are now going to explore how stress is reflected in your body and your mind to offer you concrete and adapted solutions.

With an IP-Φ profile, your stress is mainly expressed by physical symptoms. And your body sends messages to you through several places.

IP-Φ profile solutions

For physical events

For mental manifestations

For emotional manifestations


Your prescriptions

For physical events

In times of stress, you say you feel pain and/or discomfort. If it's not always pleasant to live, let's see the positive: your body speaks to you, and you know how to listen to it! Now it's up to you to explore the possibilities, thanks to your prescription, to relieve yourself.

Hair care

Irritated scalp, hair loss... You notice that stress affects the quality of your mane. And it's not so surprising: stress slows circulatory flows and as a result, the hair, fed by blood, receives fewer nutrients and ends up weakening.

Do you observe some white hair? UAcute stress can lead to premature graying of hair (pigmentation stem cells being damaged by stress).*

*According to a study published in the journal Nature and conducted by scientists from Harvard University and São Paulo

To limit the damage, treat your anxiety at the source, eat a balanced diet (prioritize essential fatty acids, vitamins A and B5, proteins and beta-carotene), then nourish and protect your hair with natural oils.

The hemp oil in Amazing Oil, for example, is rich in fatty acids and contains vitamins B and E with antioxidant properties. The right cocktail to apply to hair without rinsing or via a few drops in your hair care to save your hair!

Your hair prescription

HO KARAN Amazing Oil

The HO KALM podcast episode with Marion Nutrition

A balanced diet rich in essential fatty acids, vitamins A and B5, protein and beta-carotene

A session with Claire Cavelier, naturopath


Back pain (also called "lumbago") can incapacitate you. Did you know that it was the cause of one in five work stoppages?*

*according to the Health Insurance report in 2018, "Workplace health: challenges and actions"

Stress promotes muscle tension and inflammation, this is called somatization (when physical pain reflects psychological discomfort).
And if the situation persists, not only will the pain be more intense, but the difficulty will lead to even more stress - a vicious circle!

To prevent back pain, try to improve your ergonomic conditions at the office (when you move, also favor a backpack to balance the loads) and prefer physical activities without impact such as swimming, yoga, sheathing... To relieve moderate pain, try for example the CBD in ingestion with the Antidote 10%. This non-psychotropic molecule derived from hemp acts on the central nervous system and on inflammations to soothe them. A real natural analgesic to reduce several types of pain! When the need arises, also offer your body a de-stressing massage (like the special We Have Your Back back treatment provided at the HO KARAN Centre) to release all the accumulated tension. Finally, to deal with the root of the problem, start a therapeutic follow-up to untie yourself in a truly lasting way.

Your prescription for the back

An ergonomic posture and accessories

A consultation (or more) with the osteopath

In a stressful situation, your skin talks to you! Did you know that we tend to say, in Ayurveda, that it is the emotional barometer? Inflammation, eczema, acne, increased hair growth...  
If the skin problems are epigenetic (involving several genes and environmental factors, according to the France Psoriasis association), stress can aggravate some of them. For instance ?

Acne, from which 6 million people suffer (including 25% of adults) in France.*

*According to the French Society of Dermatology

In the event of prolonged or repeated stress, the male hormones called androgens no longer work properly, according to Alexandra Vignon, an expert in stress-related adult acne. Indeed, the skin and the nervous system are linked. And stress disrupts the neurotransmitters that bind them and thus causes many inconveniences. After acne, comes another widespread skin disease, eczema, which affects more than 2,5 million patients according to the French Society of Dermato-Pediatrics. In a study published in the Journal of Experimental Medicine, researchers demonstrated that stress was associated with reduced immune system efficiency. Hence the inflammation, and eczema. If you observe flare-ups of red patches that peel, you may be prone to psoriasis, a skin disease possibly triggered by stress for the same reason: immune deficiency.

Before embarking on a complete change in your skincare routine, get to the root of the problem. Try to understand your deep-seated stress through therapeutic support (such as psychodermatology). Or prevent these inconveniences with soothing holistic practices such as meditation, yin yoga, Qi Gong, sophrology... While waiting for the storm to pass, cleanse your skin without attacking its microbiome to avoid bacterial proliferation, and opt for for an expert and non-inflammatory routine, in particular based on active ingredients such as CBD (recognized for its anti-inflammatory properties) or niacinamide, the key vitamin in the Cure de Verdure mask to reduce skin problems: redness and inflammation of the skin, hyperpigmentation, dehydration...

Your prescription for the skin

An anti-inflammatory skin care routine

A “Ready to Glow” facial treatment at the HO KARAN Center

A consultation with Melissa Parain (naturopath specializing in skin problems)


You are affected by heart problems, including palpitations. Stress can be one of the factors.*

*according to a study published in The American Journal of Cardiology, in 2012

And while these irregular heartbeats may seem disturbing, most of them are benign.

To avoid the panic attack (experienced by one in 20 adults during their lifetime), start by regulating your heart rate with deep inspirations and expirations. Remember to hydrate yourself well (1,5 liters of water per day minimum) and to prevent these uncomfortable episodes, soothe yourself daily with meditation, nature walks or sophrology sessions. In case of peak anxiety, test the CBD (in the form of sublingual oil as with Antidote 10% or in the OKLM infusion). CBD acts on the CB2 receptors of the central nervous system to calm it down and increases the secretion of serotonin (the feel-good hormone). Relaxation takes precedence over our emotions, our anxieties and stress in general. Finally, treat yourself to a breath of fresh air Jacquier at the HO KARAN Center to maintain your ability to assimilate normally breathed oxygen.

Your prescription for the heart

A breath of fresh air Jacquier at the HO KARAN Center

Minimum 1,5L of water per day

A session with Emilie Guedj, sophrologist


You feel like you are not breathing properly. The diaphragm is a muscle between the rib cage and the belly, which becomes tense in the event of prolonged stress. This explains difficulty in breathing and potentially pain afterwards. Even, anxiety due to this uncomfortable situation. More intense, the anxiety attack is characterized by physical, psychological and behavioral symptoms (feeling of oppression, hyperventilation, hot flashes, fear...).

While this situation may seem scary, it is not serious in most cases. It's your body's warning signal to end a stressful episode.

To avoid experiencing this type of episode in the future, plan ahead: start by pinpointing the main sources of stress in your life accompanied by a psychologist (we are thinking, for example, of cognitive and behavioral therapies). Complete with regular physical activity (and if you tested apnea the sport practiced by Arthur Guérin Boery in one of the episodes of the HO KALM podcast?), breathing exercises such as Pranayama, one of the pillars of yoga. Finally, avoid stimulants such as alcohol and caffeine and when anxiety rises, take a few drops of CBD (like the 10% Antidote) to soothe yourself or start a Jacquier breath of fresh air at the HO KARAN Center, to finally breathe deeply!


Your Breathing Prescription

A breath of fresh air Jacquier at the HO KARAN Center

Pranayamas on waking

Cognitive-behavioral therapy


You regularly suffer from digestive disorders such as heartburn, bloating, constipation, diarrhea or saturation of the liver... During a stressful situation, the body prepares to react to danger. This is why it pauses certain functions programmed on autopilot, such as tissue repair, immune system performance, reproduction and... digestion, in favor of "emergency" mode, as nutritherapist Marion Baudier points out. Melon.

You must have often heard that the gut is the second brain.

Why ? Thanks to the 500 million neurons present inside, which constitute a nervous system in their own right (the enteric nervous system), and exchange continuously with those of the brain via the blood pathways and the vagus nerve.

To achieve homeostasis (a state of balance thanks to the regulation of our different systems), in other words, serenity, take care of your daily lifestyle: sleep, screen time, physical activity... To preserve body while maintaining a better acid-base balance, bet on an alkaline diet (the opposite of acid) thanks to fruits, vegetables, roots, fresh tubers, nuts, legumes, and only in small quantities, meat and dairy products which have a pro-inflammatory effect. Experiment with alternative medicine and holistic practices to find the one that suits you (yoga, hypnosis, meditation, sophrology...). Finally, a few drops of CBD (like Antidote 5% or 10%, our natural CBD oil) can help you fight anxiety, and thus avoid digestive disorders.

Your prescription for digestion

The HO KALM Marion Nutrition podcast episode

An alkaline diet

A consultation with Lucie Houbart, dietitian


You are prone to weight gain, potentially ventral. While belly fat is partly down to genetics, stress may contribute.

Indeed, in a stressful situation, the body prepares to fight a danger, which is why it recruits a higher than average blood sugar level, to distribute this energy to the various organs. And it must then necessarily replenish its energy reserves by storing fat in the abdomen.

Why this place specifically? Because the adrenal glands that secrete cortisol are nearby, above the kidneys. Result, despite the cardio sessions and the hundreds of abs, the fat mass remains well established.

To counter this undesirable effect, treat the origin of the problem: your stress. Identify the root causes with the help of a professional, and of course continue to take care of your lifestyle. To help you eliminate fat, avoid refined sugar (by adopting the most natural and seasonal raw food possible, the HO KARAN grocery store is full of hemp in all its forms to help you) and find a sport that you like. (the key to consistency according to coach Lucile Woodward in one of the last episodes of the HO KALM podcast).

Your weight prescription

Hemp seeds at the HO KARAN grocery store

Avoid refined sugar

Consult a psychologist

IP-Φ profile solutions

For physical events

For mental manifestations

For emotional manifestations


Your prescriptions

For mental manifestations

Sleep disorders, concentration or memory problems... When you are stressed, you experience mental problems. Follow the guide to regain control over your mind!

Sleeping troubles

From insomnia to cogitations and difficulty in falling asleep, including nocturnal awakenings... You experience sleep problems (like 1/4 of French people*).

*According to a study conducted by the National Institute of Sleep and Vigilance for MGEN in 2015

In our large stress study, 73% of people even told us that they wake up exhausted every day. However, quality sleep is essential for the regeneration of the body and its vital functions! Still according to the INSV, stress acts on various physiological functions which increase wakefulness, not to mention the cognitive and behavioral dimension (ruminations, worries) which prevents letting go at bedtime.

To sleep better, the Institute recommends regular sleep schedules, a dynamic awakening (stretching, full breakfast), micro-naps during the day (5 to 20 minutes maximum) and a dead end on alcohol and tobacco during the day. evening. If these precautions are insufficient, proceed to the next step. Ditch the myths and keep expectations realistic (not everyone needs 8 hours of sleep), then experience cognitive behavioral sleep therapy from multiple angles (stimulus control, sleep restriction, relaxation ). Before bed, meditate. We love Hoombook (available at the HO KARAN Center), the sleep aid audiobook with more than 100 stories to listen to to fall asleep. Finally, did you know that CBD (as in the Antidote 10% or in the OKLM infusion) has virtues on sleep? By acting on the endocannabinoid system, this molecule helps to naturally regulate sleep cycles and promote relaxation. And therefore, to fall asleep faster (according to 89% of our users), and more deeply (according to 87% of our users)!

Your Sleep Prescription

The Hoombook

Article 4 exercises to fall asleep faster

Cognitive-behavioral therapy


Even when you theoretically get enough sleep, you sometimes wake up tired.*

*like 73% of the 1234 respondents in our large stress study

Despite rest and naps it is a fact, you continue to lack energy. Originally ? Potentially a disruption of your circadian rhythm and your sleep cycles caused by stress or substances that disturb sleep (alcohol, psychotropic drugs, etc.).

Even if you get enough sleep, your sleep may not be restorative enough. To sleep properly and relieve the feeling of exhaustion, the National Institute of Sleep and Vigilance recommends regular sleep schedules, a dynamic awakening (stretching, full breakfast), micro-naps during the day (5 to 20 minutes maximum) and an impasse on alcohol and tobacco in the evening.

During the day, move. Walk, run, swim... Keep a sleep diary to assess your nights and if these precautions are insufficient, have a therapist accompany you to soothe the source of this lack of energy.

Your prescription against fatigue

A “Ready to Glow” facial treatment at the HO KARAN Center

Exercising in sport

Consult a psychologist


You notice that your concentration is being undermined: stray thoughts, attention problems and life in slow motion... Secreted in large quantities and for a long time, cortisol has an impact on the cerebral system and can modify certain sensitive regions of the brain like the hippocampus, the region involved in concentration according to psychologists.

According to Quebec Sciences, selective attention (that is to say the brain's ability to distinguish between what is relevant and what is not) is undermined in the event of stress.

The average duration of pure productivity for a worker is 2h53 in a day.*

*According to the study by Invitation Digital Ltd

With many distractions (notably the notifications on your phone), concentration problems are recurring.

To regain control over the situation, start by taking a step back. If you have trouble concentrating, adapt to the situation: organize your day to take advantage of the moments when you are at your peak. When you feel overwhelmed, take a cognitive micro-break: 5 to 10 minutes of walking (preferably in the open air) without a screen, prepare yourself a hot drink... Or plan a well-deserved vacation! The rest of the time, mute your notifications (an advice given by the majority of our guests in the HO KALM podcast), and get a good night's sleep to avoid the accumulation of fatigue.

Your prescription for concentration

The OKLM relaxing CBD infusion

The Anti Burn Out massage at the HO KARAN Center

Disable your notifications

Consult a psychologist


You feel that you have trouble memorizing certain more or less old events.

Cortisol (the stress hormone) impacts parts of the brain that play a role in forming new memories.*

*According to the Center for the Study of Human Stress

When the situation is stressful, the brain focuses on what is most important (the danger), and not on what your colleague told you in the cafeteria or the last pages of your novel read before going to bed. To boost your memory, the Center for the Study of Human Stress recommends four things: pay attention, focus on one goal at a time, recap, and then reflect on the situation.

So focus on mindfulness at every moment of your day: when you eat, walk, or watch a movie, when you chat with a friend... On the diet side, bet on key nutrients: according to a study published in the Journal of Nutrition, Health & Aging, the consumption of a handful of nuts per day would strengthen cognitive health and slow the progression of Alzheimer's (especially thanks to polyunsaturated fatty acids). Also turn to foods rich in magnesium: essential for the balance of the nervous system, this nutrient promotes the transmission of information between neurons and thus improves our intellectual performance.

According to Marion Baudier-Melon, it is one of the first nutrients consumed by the body in the event of stress, which we therefore tend to lack. Finally, learn about meditation (in the floating bubble at the HO KARAN Center for example, where meditation sessions recorded with Studio Bloom are broadcast), or find out about hypnosis for a more efficient memory on a daily basis..

Your Memory Prescription

The flotation bubble at the HO KARAN Center

The HO KALM Marion Nutrition podcast episode

A targeted diet (especially nuts)

One or more hypnosis session

IP-Φ profile solutions

For physical events

For mental manifestations

For emotional manifestations


Your prescriptions

For emotional manifestations

Despite the stress, your emotional state remains stable. Continue to control your emotions to a minimum (by sharing them, by exploiting them in a creative way...). And even if you're a consistent person, don't forget to stay alive!


You feel frustrated, bitter, you dwell on each event, you take the remarks personally... You feel powerless in the face of a situation that does not suit you (or no longer suits you)! Keep confidence in yourself, you are capable by one means or another of modifying your reality: by your perception, your indulgence with yourself or with others. Rather than ruminating on your problems, save your energy to solve them, it's good for your health.

Indeed, in the book Embitterment: Societal, psychological, and clinical perspectives published in 2011, psychology researchers Carsten Wrosch and Jesse Renaud demonstrated the impact of bitterness and generalized feelings of anger and hostility on health. physical. According to them, these prolonged resentments significantly increase the level of cortisol, the stress hormone. One solution: boost your happiness hormones!

To boost your endorphin levels, for example, play sports, bite into chocolate (minimum 85% cocoa) such as CBD truffles, stretch and express your emotions: laugh (we recommend the book "PTDR For Laughter Therapy" by journalist Julie Mamou-Mani) or don't hold back your tears when the need arises. Pamper oxytocin, the hormone of love and attachment! Researchers from the University of Vienna in Austria have shown that a hug can boost this hormone, and a Swedish study shows that having a pet (especially a dog) was also beneficial!At the HO KARAN Center, the “Ocytolove” massage inspired by the lomi Hawaiian lomi has been particularly thought out to stimulate its secretion and thus fight against stress, anxiety and gloomy states.

Your prescription against frustration

CBD truffles and raw cocoa

The Ocytolove treatment at the HO KARAN Center

The podcast episode with Marine Baousson

One or more laughter yoga sessions

IP-Φ profile solutions

For physical events

For mental manifestations

For emotional manifestations


Your prescriptions

Margaux, your stress diagnosis is coming to an end.

We sincerely hope that this in-depth analysis will help you lead a more peaceful life. At HO KARAN, stress has been our subject since 2015. Thanks to a range of natural care formulated with Breton hemp, our podcast (HO KALM), a blog and an Instagram account @hokaran to accompany you every day on the path to serenity. Since 2022, the HO KARAN Center, our space dedicated to serenity thanks to hemp, gives you multiple experiences (anti-stress treatments and massages, floatation bubble, concept store, CBD Aqua Bar, yoga, talks, etc.) to live better with your stress

Keep this diagnosis and your prescriptions preciously, and dive back into them when the need arises. If you feel that your environment and your feelings are changing, redo this Diagnosis to ensure that you receive the most accurate prescription at each moment of your life.

One last tip: don't put any extra pressure on yourself, start by exploring some solutions at your own pace, when you're ready. Finally, never forget: this list is not exhaustive and only you can determine what really makes you feel good.

To help you in your quest for a more peaceful life, we offer you -20% Discount on the entire HOKARAN e-shop with the code MARGAUXDIAG*

*valid for 1 week from today on the entire website and in store at the HO KARAN Center, 65 rue de Bretagne 75003 Paris.

IP-Φ profile solutions

For physical events

For mental manifestations

For emotional manifestations


Your prescriptions

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