This kit contains:

Libertine Oil : our brand new 100% natural lubricating oil that brings pleasure and comfort to your most sensual, solitary or shared moments. HO KARAN 100% natural intimate massage oil is enriched with CBD, CBG and plant extracts known for their aphrodisiac properties (ginseng, ginger, fig and cocoa). The hemp and hazelnut oils that compose it have a lubricating and soothing action.

Fluffy : our 100% French-made hemp fur kit developed exclusively for the launch of the Libertine Oil. A soft and spacious case with a “teddy-bear” effect in vegan hemp fur, to store your accessories and little secrets.

The HO KARAN x Coucou Suzette clitoral pins: It was not until 2016 to have the first 3D impression of the clitoris, and in 2017 only one in 8 textbooks displayed the clitoris on the anatomy boards. We cannot know what we are not shown. However, the clitoris is not limited to the famous “button” which sits at the top of the entrance to the vagina. It has four branches, the two main ones of which can measure up to 10 centimeters! Laure et Juliette, the founders of HO KARAN and Coucou Suzette offer you this pin so that you can take back the word and the power over your sexuality.