Our CBD oil is made from organic hemp grown in France, without GMOs or pesticides, to create an organic, ethical and very high quality product.

Organic hemp oil is obtained by first cold pressing to retain all its vitamins and proteins, and thus preserve its many virtues. Rich in vitamin E and composed of 80% essential fatty acids, Cannabis sativa oil is one of the most nutritious oils known to date. 


Cannabidiol is a cannabinoid derived from the Cannabis sativa plant. Devoid of psychoactive effect, the virtues of CBD are numerous. It is known to act on stress and
anxiety, as well as to alleviate various pain and inflammation. It also has a very effective antioxidant power, superior to vitamin C or vitamin E.


We attach great importance to maintaining optimum quality for our customers. Our products are tested at all stages of production, in order to verify the exact dosage of cannabinoids, to ensure maximum purity, and to always respect the standards in force.