"Since we can leave a mark, let's make it beautiful"


This phrase has been the driving force behind Ho Karan since its inception, and also the reason why Ho Karan is much more than a cosmetic brand: a revolution in motion to relax the world. Our mission is to provide all sources of stress - anxiety, pollution, fatigue… - a natural, healthy and responsible response based on the incredible holistic talent of hemp.


We are cannabis experts, fully dedicated to the scientific innovation that this plant conceals. In our lab, we work with agronomists and pharmacy doctors to develop treatments that take advantage of all parts of hemp. The benefits of hemp for our skin are exceptional: the ratio of antioxidants and omega 3 of its oil gives it detoxifying, regenerating and revitalizing virtues ... all the more effective as our cells are particularly receptive to cannabinoids. .

Result: a range of treatments designed for all skin types (dry, mature, irritated, dehydrated or tired), whatever the age, gender, or constellation of moles.


Ho Karan is part of a process of positive innovation and sustainable development. From the cultivation of the plant to the laboratory, we favor traceability and quality. Concretely, this translates into local production, materials with the lowest possible environmental impact and eco-responsible packaging, redesigned with the Good Planet Foundation in order to reduce our carbon footprint.

You will never have to search for long information on our products or our means of production - this transparency is what should allow you to make informed consumer choices.

The prices we display are prices set in accordance with our commitments, prices that seem fair to us and which allow us to maintain our quality standards. They will therefore never be inflated or reduced during commercial operations.

Our commitment is united! We donate 1% of our turnover to associations working for the preservation of the environment. We particularly support Les Colibris, a citizen movement committed to building models of living together, respectful of nature and human beings.

We are always open to your suggestions and avenues for improvement in order to jointly defend our planet and the treasures it graciously offers us.