For my first treatment space, I decided to take up residence at the Hoy Hotel. I have always been convinced by the power of the hands, which can heal body and mind. During a trip to Paris, I discovered the Hoy Hotel and its founder Charlotte Gomez de Orozco, whose holistic approach combining vegan cuisine, florist and yoga center, immediately won me over.

Beyond a hotel spa, I wanted to create a real cocoon, a bubble of well-being in the heart of the city in a dedicated room.

To do this, I associated with HO KARAN treatments a team of experts to offer you an anti-stress wellness offer combining the brand's products with holistic gestures and techniques.

Laure Bouguen, creator of HO KARAN

From the first moments of the welcome, everything is done so that the customer relaxes and unwinds. The oshiboris (traditional Japanese hot towels) associated with the massage of the shoulders and the sternum, allow to immediately release the tensions accumulated during the day.

Then our client has the choice between three signature treatments - Stressless Face, facial massage, Total Anti-Burn Out Treatment, face and body and Stressless Body treatment, body massage.

At the end of the treatment, our client is invited to taste the OKLM infusion - with CBD flowers recognized for their soothing properties - for a final anti-stress note.

Stressless facial treatment

Facial massage (45min)

After removing make-up and gently cleansing the skin, this treatment combines the science of Shiatsu pressure points and the use of natural Breton hemp HO KARAN treatments adapted to skin types (Cannabooster and Antidote).

Stressless body treatment

Body massage (60min)

This body massage combines the knowledge of the energy centers of pressure from Shiatsu with the use of HO KARAN body products to undo stress knots: Stupefying Oil and Miracle Balm.

Total anti-burnout treatment

Face and body (75min)

This treatment combines the Stressless Face treatment with a body massage that combines the knowledge of the energy centers of pressure from Shiatsu with the use of HO KARAN products. A 1h15 treatment that loosens the knots of stress for a feeling of total well-being, from head to toe.

Offer soothing treatments

The No stress studio gift card

Offer an exceptional moment to your loved ones at No Stress Studio by HO KARAN with the gift card.

Cancellation of treatment less than 24 hours before the time of the treatment does not give the right to a refund or to a new appointment. If the cancellation occurs more than 24 hours before the time of the treatment, we can offer you a new appointment or a gift voucher.
In the event of delay, the treatment cannot be carried out in its entirety. The duration of the treatment will be reduced by the time equivalent to the delay. If you have a question about your reservation, do not hesitate to contact our HO KARAN / No Stress Studio team on 07 77 38 75 47