No Stress Parties

What if the best gift idea this year was to introduce your loved ones to well-being?

According to an Opinionway survey, one in two people in France is stressed: restless sleep, skin problems, anxiety….

Our natural treatments based on Breton hemp and / or CBD are specially formulated to offer everyone, whatever their age, a more peaceful life.
Draw from our Christmas hood for all your loved ones!

Christmas boxes

For his brothers and sisters : To sleep well, wake up on the right foot or treat yourself to a cocooning moment

HO KARAN Christmas boxes are on the tip of their nose.

To offer or to have fun, find 3 worlds to get off on the right foot in the morning, take care of your skin, relax before sleeping ...

Gift Cards

For his parents-in-law : guaranteed without disappointment, valid on our entire e-shop for 6 months!

To introduce loved ones to well-being, and make them choose the most suitable treatment.
With our gift cards, offer a moment of respite at No Stress Studio or choose an amount to introduce HO KARAN to all the people in your lives.

cocoa and CBD truffles

For his cousins : the healthy and gourmet nice treat, and less expected than a box!

Healthy and gourmet bites of infinite tenderness for a stress-free winter!

Made in partnership with exceptional, raw and organic chocolates from Carrés Sauvages, our CBD truffles bring you comfort and well-being.

OKLM CBD Infusion

For his grandmother : the tea time she will not be able to do without

HO KARAN OKLM (“calm”) herbal tea was created with the sommelier of Kodama tea.

The mission of our OKLM infusion is to soothe you at any time of the day.

The OKLM infusion combines plant notes of hemp with the sweetness of Breton caramel, to offer you a comforting and gourmet moment. It is now presented in a doypack in an eco-responsible approach.

Narcotic Cream

For his / her best friend : what better gift than a perfect glow?

A smooth and soft cream that hydrates, plumps, protects and distresses absolutely all skin types.

With its blend of two flagship and ultra-effective active ingredients: Cannabis Sativa essential oil and butter, known for their antioxidant properties and their exceptional Omega 3 and Omega 6 ratio, this cream hydrates, plumps, protects and de-stresses the skin.

Available in 50ml format.

The antidote

For himself : Our in & out CBD oil calms great minds and brightens the face.

The new Antidote formula perfectly embodies the HO KARAN vision: cannabis extracts (especially CBD) are at the service of beauty and well-being inside and outside.

It is an ingestible serum, an innovative 2 in 1 treatment, that can either be ingested (like a sublingual CBD oil) or applied to the skin as an antioxidant treatment.

This calming CBD oil de-stresses, stimulates the natural production of collagen, soothes and regenerates the skin, body and mind.

Available in 10ml and 30ml format.

Morning miracle

For his colleagues : To shine in morning call

Our anti-fatigue eye contour, enriched with cannaflavins, acts on your eyes in depth.

Enriched with cannaflavins, this truly miraculous treatment:

  • Illuminates and acts on dark circles and puffiness for an immediate luminous effect.
  • The eyes are cleared up, the redness is reduced,
  • The effects of stress swept away.

Available in 15ml.

You have not found what you are looking for for the holidays?