Restorative yoga, reading, journaling, cooking, self-massage, CBD ... The Ho Karan team shares its well-being rituals with you to relieve stress during confinement or curfew.

Containment edition # 3 in certain regions, curfews and restrictions… What if this beginning of spring could rather appease us? Well-established, the Ho Karan team shares with you its best easy-to-apply anti-stress tips for a smoother daily life. And without any stress.


  1. Laure: the daily journaling

“I write every day in my gratitude notebook : I start in the morning by listing 3 things I'm grateful for, 3 awesome things I'm going to do in the day, and a mantra or phrase that I make up to boost myself. In the evening, I write down the 3 positive things that happened to me, and / or what I could have done better. This allows you to clean your emotions, stay positive and allow yourself a moment of calm. ”


  1. Marion: cooking and podcasts

“Every Sunday, I cook a comforting dish while listening to Victoire Tuaillon's new podcast - Le Coeur sur La Table. And in the morning, I cycle while listening to Augustin Trapenard on France Inter. ”


  1. Sarah: skateboarding and music

“I go out to skate for 30 minutes to clear my mind. And I listen to jazz on FIP: the best way to stay in a good mood! ”


  1. Margaux: restorative yoga and home treatments

“Every Wednesday evening, I do restorative yoga: not only is the practice ultra relaxing (you would almost fall asleep), but it also allows me to maintain a rhythm and break the monotonous effect of weeks of teleworking. I also reserve an evening without screens to take care of myself: exfoliation, homemade mask, hydration, varnish… "


  1. Tiphaine: sport and reading

“I wake up before everyone else and I take advantage of the calm to read for at least 10 minutes every day. I also do Pilates every week, and I love dancing to great music. ”


  1. Agnes: walking and self-massage

“During the day, I try to walk around for at least an hour with a podcast in my ears. And after work, I take a shower with very (too) loud music and I massage my face. The best way to cut! ”

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4 products that are easy to integrate into your anti-stress routine at home

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Marion drinks it while cooking, Tiphaine tastes it after dinner, Sarah associates it with a square of dark chocolate with fleur de sel.

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Marion mixes it with her daily serum for a baby's skin effect, Margaux takes a few drops under the tongue to sleep better.

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Margaux uses it after a big cleaning or during yoga classes.

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Margaux uses it after a big cleaning or during yoga classes.

What we all dream of : booker a treatment at No Stress Studio to undo the knots and tensions accumulated by fatigue or minor ailments related to teleworking. Our cabin located in the HOY hotel (68 rue des Martyrs 75009 Paris) remains open during confinement, in strict compliance with health rules.

In the meantime, find us here on Instagram for a few weeks placed under the sign of sharing. Laure, the founder of Ho Karan answers all your questions about hemp and CBD in this live, the chef of the Mesa (the table of the HOY hotel) shares his hemp and CBD veggie recipes...