Your stress profile: EP-Φ

After a detailed analysis of your profile, you correspond to the profile: EP-PHY.

Whatever the area (health, work, money, emotional relationships or existential questions), your stress comes mainly from external factors, related to your environment. It is pronounced in a transitory way and is bound to evolve. Finally, in you, stress manifests itself mainly through physical symptoms.

Main areas of stress
We will start by identifying your various stressors.
According to our recent study, health, work, money, emotional relationships and existential questions are the most widespread stress factors in France.
In your case, it is work that stresses you out in the first place.

your stress

... is mainly related to factors external.

... rather permanent.

Your symptoms of stress

For you, stress is expressed mainly in a physical, and mental et emotional.

Your body sends messages to you! 

Stressed in life for a long time?

According to your answers to the Diagnosis of Stress by HO KARAN, it appears that you have been moderately stressed for some time.

You are not alone ! 97% of French people say they are affected by stress in France, according to our internal study (on a representative sample of the population of 1.234 people in 2022).

The objective of this diagnosis: help you better understand the factors and manifestations of your stress in order to offer you the appropriate solutions!

Your diagnosis

As stress experts since 2015, at HO KARAN we believe in even deeper analysis.

Each person is unique ! If in life, you can share the same sources of stress as your neighbor, its origins and manifestations can turn out to be very different.

Our thesis : whatever the factor (health, work, money, affective relationships or existential questions), stress is of origin internal ou external, and is pronounced like transient ou permanent bases. The manifestations of stress turn out to be physical, mental ou emotional. This is why HO KARAN has established 12 major stress profiles.

Let's start discovering your profile now!

EP-Φ profile

External stress

Constant stress

Physical stresses

External stress

You express stress mainly linked to your environment, that is to say of external origin.

Reactive in nature and extremely sensitive to the world around you, you know better than anyone how to put yourself in the place of others. This is why certain events, even beyond your control, concern you more than your peers: the health of a loved one, the climate, your work environment, relationship difficulties at the office, technical problems... Your reaction to external stimuli also proves your degree of stability. Confident, you know who you are and you deal with it. You perceive problems for what they are, problems, without questioning your whole life or your way of being! To live more peacefully, think about how to change your environment. You are the main actor in your life. So if certain events upset you, never forget that you have the power to write the rest!

Constant stress

You have been experiencing deep-seated stress for a while.

This reflects several qualities in you: unparalleled stability, strong resistance, a lot of patience… In normal times, this is what gives you the strength you need to achieve your goals! Except that in case of stress, you tend to cash in hoping that the situation will improve. It can save you in the (very) short term, but not repeatedly or prolonged, when you can't see the end of the tunnel. So-called chronic stress is harmful to your health and can weaken you or even lead to exhaustion.

3.2 million French people are threatened by burnout in France.*

*According to

Don't let a situation that affects you physically, mentally or emotionally continue. Perseverance must remain a means of surpassing yourself!

The Stress Diagnosis by HO KARAN aims to help you put your finger on what is bothering you while guiding you towards serenity. You will learn to distinguish between your perception and reality, to take care of yourself all year round and to better accept certain situations. The key to a more peaceful daily life is also resilience - and you are quite capable of it.

Physical stress

Your level of cortisol (the stress hormone) increases to keep the body and mind alert and thus help you combat the stressful situation. Except that, secreted repeatedly or for a prolonged period, this hormone ends up reducing the performance of your over-stressed immune system, and therefore altering the primary function of certain organs and favoring areas of inflammation.

Result: via mainly physical symptoms, your body sends you messages.

In question ? The sympathetic nervous system, which normally manages the body's functions programmed on autopilot: breathing, blood circulation, heartbeat... This system adapts to fight stress by accelerating the metabolism, to the detriment of other functions. Hence the disturbances, tensions and pain engendered. In general, this results in back pain, skin problems, digestive disorders, breathing difficulties... If in the event of stress, you tend to close your eyes, without feeling affected mentally or emotional, your body will always be there to remind you. This is called somatization, when psychic pain becomes physical. You are someone who is resistant, you complain little and you are optimistic by nature, you are always moving forward. However, stay tuned to your body so that it can follow you as long as possible.

This is a taste of your in-depth analysis. You have 75% of your Stress Diagnosis left to explore.

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