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Gender Fluid, a transparent product

Beyond a brand, HO KARAN is a human project based on the care given to people and Nature, and on authenticity. It is a lively community attentive to quality, ethics and harmlessness.

At HO KARAN, we are therefore demanding at all stages of the product journey: the development of the formula, the sourcing of raw materials, the design of our packaging, production ... It is therefore with pride that we share with you the relevant transparency elements of Gender Fluid.

Origin of


Gender Fluid is a product made in the Loiret, in accordance with the made in France. This product is 100% natural. Its main active ingredients are hemp oil and wild chamomile flower extract. We source these ingredients mainly in France and in our neighboring countries in order to reduce our carbon footprint.

Glass bottle

Origin: Italy


Plastic pump

Origin: Italy



Origin: Ouville-la-Riviere, France