We believe that the skin, the body and the mind are one and it is necessary take care simultaneously. For us care is a true art of living in & out, which includes effective products and sensory, treatment protocols, food supplements...


We believe that true care takes into account its entire ecosystem: the health of the consumer, the sustainability of the product and the environment that allows it to be created. Committed to a natural and ethical formulation process, all our products are vegan and made with 99% to 100% ingredients of natural origin.


We believe in a universal and inclusive approach to care. The last cosmetic decades have been marked by gender stereotypes and guilty anti-aging slogans: far from stressing and complexing men and women, we work for their development and by supporting them in a serene longevity.


Naturalness at HO KARAN is synonymous requirement and innovation. A nature reworked, resulting from research that pushes the limits of science in the respect for the plant.


Stress is our main enemy, it is the evil of the century, which prevents us from leading a serene life. It is omnipresent: it is both external (noise, pollution, etc.) and internal (anxiety). It is responsible for cellular oxidation and for many manifestations visible even on the skin.

HO KARAN has a clear mission: To tackle the visible symptoms of stress.

In the skin, it manifests itself, for example, by a dull color, an inability of the epidermis to regenerate itself or the appearance of redness and imperfections.

This is why since 2019 we have designed unique care ranges targeting each of the manifestations of skin stress.

We realize today that cannabis is a plant that can benefit all of humanity, all types of soils and ecosystems, but that it is only tolerated in a handful of countries.
As a French company, we have realized that our country has unfortunately fallen far behind on this subject.

Daring for us is not to hide behind the word hemp and dare to talk about cannabis.
Boldness also means actively participating in civic life. In addition to having created HO KARAN, Laure Bouguen is also the co-founder and spokesperson of the Professional Hemp Trade Union.

We respect the legislation in force and we are working to ensure that it evolves in order to be able to offer you cannabinoids from organic and French hemp of very high quality.

Beyond creating care products, HO KARAN is a platform to campaign for cannabis well-being and
therapeutic. It's a positive way of doing this fight, by doing people good.

Our products are living proof that cannabis is a plant with countless healing properties. They carry real messages with them, they are platforms towards the acceptance that cannabis is good.