This duo includes Amazing Oil, a multi-use oil for face, body, hair and beard, and Morning Miracle, an anti-fatigue eye contour.

Amazing Oil (30ml) 
The alliance of three exceptional active vegetable oils in one multi-use oil deeply moisturizes, plumps, protects and soothes your skin, for a smooth, soft and comfortable result. Resplendent, sublime, astonishing - prepare your skin for an avalanche of compliments.

Morning Miracle (15ml) 
Complete with our miraculous eye contour to refresh and wake up the eyes in the blink of an eye. Enriched with cannaflavins, it acts on dark circles and puffiness for an immediate healthy glow effect. The eyes are cleared up, the redness is reduced, the effects of stress are swept away.

A no-stress routine for yourself or to share with those you love ... It is no coincidence that HO KARAN means I LOVE YOU in Breton!