Day Over, CBD cleansing oil

Day Over, our first CBD cleansing oil has arrived on the e-shop!

Cleansing is the first step in regaining healthier, clearer and more oxygenated skin. Formulated with a blend of high purity organic oils (hemp, grape seed, olive).

Cleansing oil

Day Over

Day Over, a cleansing oil enriched with CBD, which leaves the skin soft and de-stressed.

Make-up Removing Wipes

In hemp and cotton

Our 5 hemp and cotton makeup remover wipes, designed for daily cleaning at home or on the go.

These gentle wipes gently and effectively remove makeup, dirt and oil for clear, fresh skin.

Routine Cleansing Trio

Day Over + Green Fizz + Gender Fluid

A must have!

Discover our novelty, the Cleansing Trio, a complete routine, suitable for all skin types.

Make-up Remover Duo

Day Over + Hemp and cotton wipes

Discover our novelty, the make-up remover pack, composed of our cleansing oil and our 5 hemp and cotton cleansing wipes


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