"Cannabis is part of my DNA, of my life "

I have always believed that cannabis is healing. This plant with 1000 virtues (regenerating, anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory ...) and with 1000 uses, de-stress the skin, relaxes the body, calms the mind and relieves stress that we put on the planet.

My grandparents grew cannabis sativa (commonly called hemp) for its stem, transformed into paper in Quimperlé. Today it is the whole plant
that I am keen to reveal to you, the soothing power of its cannabinoids such as CBD in our formulas, at its fiber in our packaging.

I created HO KARAN, “I love you” in Breton, for you unveil, thanks to cannabis, an effective and sustainable alternative which will help you fight against all manifestations urban stress.

HO KARAN is a natural skincare brand that de-distresses men and women thanks to the expertise of Breton cannabis, in a daring and responsible way.

Cannabis expertise

An expert approach to cannabis: each stress corresponds to its component of cannabis.

The philosophy of care

We have developed holistic, natural, sustainable and positive treatments to soothe urban dwellers.

Responsibility at heart

From the cultivation of the plant to the laboratory, we let's privilege traceability and quality: local production, materials with low environmental impact and eco-responsible packaging.