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Immerse yourself in the unique and innovative experience of mind massages.

Comfortably installed in the cocooning space of our Dream Rooms, explore your unconscious territories, in a deep state of relaxation, thanks to the innovative technology of the Dream Machine. 

This photostimulation technology is available in 4 programs: sleep, anxiety, pain, creativity. 

Experience to be enjoyed as a solo, duo or trio.  


The Dream Machine is a simple and accessible experience, allowing you to seek deep states of relaxation that would require several years of meditation practice or self-hypnosis. You take a lying position in our Dream Rooms, put on the headphones, close your eyes and the experience begins.

Depending on the program, a Dream Machine session can have different benefits:

  • reduce the stress and promote relaxation
  • decrease anxiety
  • optimize the sleep and rest
  • Promote theemotional balance
  • Stimulate the creativity
  • Stimulate altered states of consciousness

A personal journey or one to share

The HO KARAN Serenity Center offers you the opportunity to experience this inner journey solo (in our individual Dream Room) or with others (up to 3 people) in our premium Dream Room.

Price of a session + €20 per additional person.

Cancellation and Postponement Policy

  • Deposit of 100% of the amount of the treatment upon booking
  • Cancellation and postponement possible free of charge up to 24 hours before the start of the treatment


The Dream Machine experience is not recommended for people suffering from epilepsy, pregnant women, minors and people suffering from mental disorders.

If in doubt, we advise you to seek the advice of your doctor.

In the press

Discover the Dream Machine

Discover the Dream Machine

The HO KARAN Center is the first place offering an immersive mind massage experience accompanied by the Dream Machine.

This innovative machine stimulates the brain to induce altered states of consciousness and provide fascinating and unusual experiences.

The two founders of this dream machine, namely Kevin Finel director of ARCHE, the largest hypnosis school in Europe and Brice Battung health professional and head of training in medical hypnosis at Hypnomedic, have redesigned the Dream Machine initially developed in the 60s by the pioneer, Brion Gysin.

It looks like a lamp which emits light frequencies, which we look at with our eyes closed, and which in a few moments makes us experience, depending on the program, deep meditative states, hyper creativity, intense concentration or even deep rest. . The Dream Machine, a true vessel of the mind that reduces stress and stimulates creativity. Come experience this unique journey in our Dream Room in sessions of 20min, 30min, 45min and 60min.

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France France

Incredible experience, to do again and again!

I've never had this type of experience, and I can't wait to do it again. We did it as a duo with my partner and chose the theme "more creativity" and we were not disappointed. You are immersed in an astonishing sensory universe, although your eyes are closed, and helped by the intoxicating music, colors, shapes, and increasingly clear visions appear throughout this new kind of meditation. We emerge both very relaxed and full of energy. Thanks again !



Thank you very much Giulia for your feedback and we are delighted to have immersed you in this unique journey. Looking forward to seeing you again, Clarisse from the HO KARAN team

France France

Powerful and incomparable!

I discovered this experience thanks to HO KARAN. A magnet for testing new well-being practices (breathwork, meditation, self-hypnosis), the Dream Machine is truly a unique and powerful experience in comparison. I really have the feeling of having been in a deep state of consciousness: the 30 minutes passed at breakneck speed and the benefits in terms of calming and regenerating the mind are obvious. In order not to reveal too much and leave the surprise, I will remain a little vague about the course of the experience but what is certain is that all the senses are engaged (sight, hearing in particular). Well done !

France France

Go far away without moving

Great experience! 3 of us tested the Dream Room and are all delighted. We are seated comfortably, with headphones on our ears and we close our eyes... the light impulses take you very far: underwater then interstellar visions for me, poetic reveries for my daughter and journey to the heart of cells for my boyfriend. A little out of phase when you “wake up” but good energy for the rest of the day!