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4,8 / 5

The Silent Night Antidote BETTER SLEEP

The Antidote allowed me to get back to sleep. I take it when I feel like I'm having trouble falling asleep, it's really effective and has no side effects.

Melody - 16/11/2022France

The Amazing Cream A revelation !

This cream is a revelation for me! I've been using it for over a year now, and I can't live without it. I was first tempted because I have psoriasis on my face caused by periods of stress, so I was recommended to use this type of product. Since then, I no longer have psoriasis on my face and very few imperfections.
A real gem.

Mathilde - 14/12/2022France

The Miracle Balm Essential !

Skin care (body and face),
pain (aches), irritation,
allergies to the sun... I tried and
I can not do without it. This is my new SOS routine. To be adopted urgently!

Vanessa - 31/07/2022France

Libertine Oil The must !

To test is to adopt it… this oil is incredible!
My essential kit, I really thank you for this nugget…

Sandrine P. - 09/03/2023France

CBD infusion - OKLM Perfect !

This infusion is delicious, plus I feel really soothed (and less pain! team endometriosis!) by making a tea ball that I infuse twice during the day!
I highly recommend !

Chloé V. - 24/02/2022France

HO KARAN expertise

Benefiting from the support of science and technology, our goal is to support you on a daily basis in preserving your well-being.

The center

Come and have your stress diagnosis at the HO KARAN center with our experts and discover our treatment protocols for deep relief.

65 rue de Bretagne, 75003 Paris.

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The HO KARAN Center offers a treatment menu that combines the power of the hands of our practitioners, CBD-based products and hemp extracts, which promote the secretion of well-being hormones.

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