Managing back-to-school stress: our practical advice

The start of the September school year is often synonymous with excitement, new encounters and exciting challenges. However, it can also cause significant levels of stress for many of us.

In question, an often brutal transition between the peaceful and light rhythm of summer and the return to reality and responsibilities which occur in September.

In this article, we'll explore the causes of back-to-school stress and share practical tips for managing it effectively.

And if you need a quick routine to find serenity, we're here for you!

Back-to-school stress: our advice and tips

The causes of back-to-school stress

  1. The change of routine: After a relaxing summer vacation, returning to a daily routine can be difficult. Strict schedules, rush hour transportation, and returning to an urban environment (far from nature) can create anxiety. In particular, one of the most complicated adjustments is the sleep rhythm! Whether it's because of jet lag on the way back or simply because we easily get into an offbeat rhythm on vacation (night owl, late riser), we can quickly find ourselves sleeping short nights and having difficulty getting to sleep. fall asleep L'Silent Night Antidote, enriched with melatonin, is your ally to make it easier to fall asleep and help you settle down.
  2. The pressure to perform: Professional or academic expectations are often high, especially after 2 months with projects slowed down by the summer. The workload linked to the resumption and the fear of not succeeding can cause stress. Moreover, in our Great Stress Study carried out among 1234 French people in 2022, work is the number 1 stress factor!
  3. Social changes: going back to school also means reuniting with your peers, which can be a source of anxiety for those who have difficulty integrating or who have experienced harassment problems.
  4. Organization and planning: Busy schedules, days in meetings from morning to evening, extracurricular activities and family responsibilities can make time management stressful. You quickly feel like you're running everywhere and you don't have a minute to consciously slow down.

Our advice for managing back-to-school stress

Empathy and kindness, the key words

To start, let go of perfectionism! Easier said than done, we grant you that, but tell yourself with intention that you are doing your best and we avoid the list of resolutions or long new projects, which puts pressure on us and freezes us. In the same way, be realistic with yourself, your time, your energy.

Sleep, your best ally

Sleeping well and getting quality sleep can significantly reduce cortisol levels and restore balance to the body's systems. According to a University of California study, suffering from poor sleep can increase an individual's emotional stress level by up to 30%! So, we get our best tips and ours is our Silent Night Antidote which helps 9 out of 10 people get back to sleep.

Take the time to get organized

Barely back, we already take action for fear of not having time to manage everything, we run everywhere at the risk of forgetting essentials. Taking the time (really) for 1 or 2 hours to list the essential tasks and key deadlines, to visualize them in a calendar, to anticipate the time needed can save us. Whether it's clearing our mind by writing our "to do list" and planning the time to accomplish them, we free ourselves from the mental burden and pressure of the result. And we include time slots of rest or even empty if we can!

Understand your stress and find suitable solutions

And because even by applying all the advice above we can feel overwhelmed, finding crutches that help us on a daily basis is essential. Above all, it is key to understand how our stress manifests itself in us (physical, emotional, mental), what are our sources of stress... This is all important information which means that solutions to stress are radically different from others. person to person.
For this, HO KARAN designed the Stress Diagnosis which allows you in 15 minutes to know your stress profile among the 12 archetypes identified in our field studies and to find solutions adapted to you!

Your back-to-school allies

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