End of summer and return from vacation: how to take care of your hair and skin?

What is the damage caused by sun and summer?

For the skin

During the summer, our skin can undergo 3 types of changes:
1. Dehydration and dryness : on all skin types but especially for dry skin, the sun's UV rays cause dryness and dehydration that is even more marked than the rest of the year. Heat and sun tend to accelerate the evaporation of our skin's natural moisture. Salt and chlorine tend to weaken the skin's hydrolipidic film (its natural barrier), making it more permeable to external aggressions.

2. Premature aging : the sun also facilitates the production of free radicals, responsible for cell aging and oxidative stress. It also impacts our skin's natural collagen cycle by stimulating the enzymes responsible for collagen breakdown and inhibiting the synthesis of pro-collagen.

3. The (false) disappearance of acne and the rebound effect : UV rays penetrate the heart of your epidermis, causing thickening of the skin. This protective effect against the sun's rays causes pores to be blocked. To learn more about this phenomenon, we recommend reading our dedicated article here.

For hair

In a very similar way, the sun and summer impact our hair fiber.
1. Hair weakening : UV rays have the capacity to penetrate the capillary fiber by several micrometers, reducing its mechanical resistance. Your hair is therefore more easily brittle, less resistant to friction (pillows, etc.) and movement (elastic bands, scrunchies, etc.)

2. A more sensitive scalp : the sun, but even more salt and chlorine will disrupt the sebum production of our scalp and can cause dandruff and an irritated (itchy) scalp.

3. Dry hair: by attacking the hair scale, the natural protective hair oil can more easily leave. Result: dry and damaged hair (end ends).

Good gestures for back to school

For the skin

1. Take the time to understand your skin : how does your skin feel? Is she tight? She's running out of water. Is it peeling? She lacks fat. Have small spots, imperfections, fine lines appeared? So many clues about what your skin needs. If you have difficulty identifying its clues, make a free appointment with Chloé, our health expert who will guide you.

2. Don’t neglect cleaning your skin : we recommend it all year round but it is even more essential at the end of summer. THE double cleaning ! It is important to free the skin from dead skin and excess products (sun cream) that it suffered during the summer. To do this, we gently remove our makeup every evening with our Day Over makeup remover oil then we clean it thoroughly with our Green Fizz gentle cleansing gel. Bonus: its micro-peeling effect is great for removing dead skin. Do not hesitate to leave it on for 5 minutes.

3. We adapt our routine and our products : for all skin types, we rely on a hydration boost! And the flagship active ingredient for this is hyaluronic acid, capable of retaining 1000 times its weight in water. Our ideal product: the Narcotic Cream enriched with hyaluronic acid of three molecular weights allows hydration of the deep layers of the skin. To boost its action, apply a few sprays of our lotion Gender Fluid, also enriched with hyaluronic acid, without making it penetrate.
For skin with imperfections, we rely on antibacterial treatments to relieve inflammation and regulate sebum, without stripping it! Our two flagship treatments: our Green Cure mask 1 to 2 times a week and our roll-on Goodbye Button to target pimples.

For hair

1. Exfoliate your scalp: and yes ! Our scalp also needs to remove dead skin. We opt for a weekly exfoliation for 3 weeks, while it renews itself. If your scalp is very dry, you can leave our Amazing Oil (naturally anti-inflammatory) before shampoo.

2. We cut the ends : a little refreshing of the ends can restore a second youth to your hair. Your split ends cannot be repaired so we let the action of our bulb concentrate on the parts that can still be repaired.

3. We treat them in depth : it is absolutely necessary to repair the hair fiber and protect it. For this, we recommend oil baths once a week before shampooing (minimum 30 minutes to 1 hour, ideally overnight) and daily care for the ends. We can only recommend our Amazing Oil for the two previous uses. . To find out all the benefits of hemp oil on hair, visit here.

Our skin essentials

Farewell Pimples treatment

The purifying anti-imperfection roll-on

Cure   of vegetation

Purifying and hydrating mask

The Amazing Cream

Moisturizing and soothing cream

Amazing Oil

Nourishing and soothing oil

The Miracle Balm

CBD regenerating balm.

Day Over

CBD cleansing oil.

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