CBD Broad Spectrum: what is it?

Since 2015, we have been developing products based on hemp (Breton!) and CBD to help you achieve serenity thanks to our stress expertise and our natural Breton hemp products.
In this article, we explain what CBD is...and its results!

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Hemp, also called cannabis, and its flagship molecule CBD (legal in France), has been our raison d'être since 2015. Oil, infusion, balm, lubricant, serums… You find CBD in many of our treatments for his anti-inflammatory, anti-seborrheic, antioxidant and nutritive properties, especially in our sublingual oils.

What is CBD Broad Spectrum?
Everything depends on the extraction of the molecule from hemp. In “broad spectrum” or “Broad Spectrum”, the CBD molecule is extracted with other molecules present in the plant (including THC, illegal in France above 0.3% which is completely removed afterwards): these are called cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids in particular. And the latter, thanks to what we call “The entourage effect”, work in synergy to make CBD even more effective, in a natural way.

Why CBD Broad Spectrum 5%?
Because it is the natural concentration of cannabinoids in the cannabis flower (European variety). On the market, we sometimes see CBD oil at 20%, 30%, sometimes 40%... It is possible, by adding isolate. But, less bioavailable - therefore less well assimilated - by the body. At HO KARAN, we prefer politics of less but better. And the natural Broad Spectrum CBD (without isolate) is the most effective when ingested, because it allows the Entourage effect, that is to say the synergy of all the cannabinoids.
This is why we have developed with our expert extractor, a 5% broad spectrum CBD, which we concentrate twice to obtain 2% in the case of the Antidote 10%.

Why not have injected CBD Broad Spectrum since our beginnings, in 2015?
For a question of legislation. If you followed our big show “The 420 Show” on the occasion of World Cannabis Day in 2021 (to see again here) with expert guests from all over France, you more or less know where we are today. Things are moving slowly, but surely!

Before working in Broad Spectrum, we worked in isolate. That is, only purified CBD was extracted from the plant (not the other molecules).
Where it gets complicated: European legislation in cosmetics is very different from that concerning food. Because if a product interferes (such as Antidote, a in & out to use on the skin and / or to swallow), it must meet these two criteria! So far, COSING (the European database of cosmetic ingredients) has recommended the isolate. Why ? Because the total absence of regulations on cannabinoids did not allow us to know if we could inject cannabinoids other than CBD. With the Kanavape affair (we are talking about here), and the free movement of goods, we now know that all non-psychotropic cannabinoids can be marketed (therefore CBG and CBC, which are found in significant quantities in the CBD Broad Spectrum).

Please note: for now, we are continuing to work with isolate for skin care, because today no study shows that Broad Spectrum is more effective (than isolate) on the skin. On these specific treatments, the isolate allows great precision in the formulation in terms of respect for the galenic, and sensoriality. But this may change in the years to come depending on scientific studies and legislation. As you will have understood, it is impossible to get bored when working with hemp (and its thousand and one possibilities!)

What are the benefits of our ingested CBD?
We regularly measure the benefits of our Antidotes from an independent laboratory on the effects of sleep, stress and pain.

89% of users fall asleep faster.
83% of users wake up more rested.

90% of users feel less stressed.
91% of users feel calmer and calmer.

91% of users feel more peaceful.
91% of users recommend the Antidote.

If you have any questions about our Oil or CBD, we will be happy to help you! Just write to us at serviceclient@hokaran.fr 💚

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