HO KALM: Josepha Raphard

HO KALM, our podcast to deconstruct stress, it's every other Thursday! After the designer Amelie Pichard, author Pauline Delabroy-Allard and Céline Tran (ex-Katsuni) in this episode, director Josépha Raphard tells us about the stress of motherhood, women and sisterhood.

HO KALM episode 19: Josépha Raphard - "The fear of doing wrong with your child, the greatest anxiety!"


At 27, if Josépha Raphard has a gift, it is that of celebrating women. Through her two documentaries, “Meufs” and “Mères” where she gives them a voice at key moments in life. On his Instagram account with instinctive, sensitive and liberating posts. Via the Loma Club, its "Pacific army", a platform to support young and future mothers and free the floor on motherhood (and all that this entails). The upheaval of maternity, Josépha knows. Mom for 2 years, she tells how this stage has changed her. Detect your traumas, take care of your mental health, accept your body, understand your blockages (especially after a traumatic childbirth), forget the mental load, let go. And above all love each other. The magic recipe? Benevolence, a bit of wisdom, a touch of self-mockery, a lot of freshness and spontaneity.


HO KALM, the podcast to deconstruct stress

One in two people suffer from stress in France according to Opinion Way. And you may be one of them. We created this format because we are convinced of one thing: together, we can fight this ambient stress and live more peaceful, thanks to hemp and CBD in our cares since 2015, of course, but also via advice, techniques and tips from experts and the most stressed !

In HO KALM, every week, Laure, the founder of Ho Karan, goes to meet personalities with inspiring stories (artists, athletes, entrepreneurs...) and medical and holistic experts. The goal ? To offer you the keys, via concrete examples, to better channel your daily stress.

The HO KALM podcast is every other Thursday and available on all platforms: Apple Podcast, Spotify, Deezer, Podcast Addict, ACast...
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