From seed to home: the process of making a HO KARAN product

Did you know ? The production of HO KARAN treatments takes 9 months.

Since 2015, we have been committed to offering you the most qualitative experience possible, from natural plant active ingredients to the package. This requirement takes time: the production of a HO KARAN product takes approximately 9 months.
Added to this is the difficulty of producing the right quantity to avoid overstocking (and waste) while still having enough products for you.
Because we select the raw materials, each packaging element and the production laboratories internally. Discover the journey of a HO KARAN product during its production.

Laure Bouguen, founder of HO KARAN

Step 1: the bare bottle

9 months before marketing

The first step, and certainly the longest, is ordering the bottles of our treatments.  

How do we choose our bottles?

  • The requirement for a durable material : glass. It is one of the most resistant materials (in the event of a fall at home) but also has the most virtuous recycling chain (recycled 100% and infinitely)
  • The aesthetics of the bottle : you often tell us “I love having your products in my bathroom!”.
  • pooling: choose a bottle for several products (like our 3 cleaners)

Step 2: the bottle gets a makeover

5 months before marketing

The second step of decorating the bottle is the one that requires the most anticipation! Decoration slots can now be reserved up to 1 year in advance.

How do we decorate our bottles?

  • Lacquering : the bottles are covered with a veil of color (shades of green with us)
  • Screen printing : the texts (HO KARAN logo, product names) are directly “printed” on the glass, without a label

Step 3: the formula and packaging

3 months before marketing

While steps 1 and 2 on the bottles, Laure and Chloé take care of sourcing all the active ingredients that make up our formulas (vegetable oils, cannabinoids, algae, mushrooms, etc.). This allows us to control the quality of the ingredients present in our formulas but requires a huge amount of work!

What is the role of our French laboratories?

  • Production of the formula
  • Packing in pots and boxes

The development of all our formulas is done hand in hand between our internal product manager and Frédérique our formulator. Check out his interview here.

Final step: your packages

1 month to 2 weeks before marketing

Our dear products are now ready to integrate into your daily life.

Head to our logistician in Saint Herblain

  • Product storage
  • Preparing your packages with love
  • Shipping at your home in 3 to 5 working days

We have been working with our logistician since the beginnings of the brand 8 years ago. A nice story !

You now know everything about the production process of our products.

We think and work to find ways to produce as best and as accurately as possible. If this is a subject that is important to you, pay attention by 22/09/2023 on our eshop and on our social networks.

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