Coconut and hemp date energy balls

Hemp is one of the first plants that man was able to domesticate during the Neolithic period. Its origins would be in Asia and India, before having followed man in his numerous migrations around the world. An oil rich in various nutrients and fatty acids is extracted from it. Dark green in color, the oil from hemp has a characteristic odor reminiscent of freshly cut grass. Its taste is typical of the seed and has hints of grass and hazelnut.

On the occasion of the "Skin and Body care week", we collaborated with the great team of girls Chicken Bacon Lettuce and they were kind enough to share some of their recipes with us…

Coconut and hemp date energy balls

For about fifteen energy balls:

/ 220 gr of date paste

/ 50 gr of almond butter

/ 30 gr of chia seeds

/ 40 gr of oatmeal

/ 40 g of hemp seeds 

/ 50 gr of coconut oil

/ 50 gr almonds

Mix everything until you get a dough and mold into balls of approximately 25 grams each.

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