The benefits of hemp flowers against stress

Do you feel stressed, anxious and regularly overwhelmed by events? Discover the benefits of hemp flowers to naturally fight against stress and nervousness and find your inner calm.

What is the hemp flower?

The hemp flowers are one of the parts of the plant that is used in the same way as the seeds, the leaves or the stem.

Hemp contains both “male” and “female” plants, and these are the female plants of the Cannabis sativa that produce flowers, which are harvested once mature in August and September.

Once the harvest is done, the hemp flower is cleaned and then left to dry for several weeks before it can be consumed.

One of the advantages of consume hemp flowers is to be able to benefit from the properties of CBD in a raw and pure way, since a good quality hemp flower will not have undergone any treatment or modification.

Note that like all products containing CBD, hemp flowers are controlled to respect the maximum dosage of 0,2% THC prescribed by law and are not psychotropic drugs. The level of CBD contained in hemp flowers generally varies between 3 and 6% depending on the harvest.

Benefits of hemp flower against stress

Increasingly trendy, hemp flowers like other CBD products contain many benefits, especially to help fight against stress, anxiety and their manifestations on the body and the mind.

More and more people are in fact prone to stress, especially this year with the health crisis. The desire to consume more natural products is also one of your major concerns to take care of yourself and increase your level of well-being and serenity on a daily basis!

Consumed as an infusion, for example, hemp flowers used alone or in synergy with other plants help naturally promote relaxation and fight against symptoms of stress and anxiety such as nervousness, increased heart rate, sleep disorders or mental fatigue.

Hemp flowers contain cannabinoids and terpenes, which provide an overall effect on the body to effectively combat stress and anxiety through the so-called entourage effect. The CBD flower indeed contains all the components of the plant (fatty acids, flavonoids, terpenes and cannabinoids), which act in synergy and interact together to help maintain or restore balance of the body in case of disorders.

How to consume the CBD flower?

The CBD flower can be consumed in different forms: in maceration, as a culinary ingredient associated with vegetable milk or an oil, or even in the form of an infusion which is the easiest way to take advantage of CBD benefits To fight against stress and anxiety.

Infused alone or in synergy with other plants with similar or complementary properties, the hemp flowers naturally promote relaxation, and help to get to sleep faster while fighting body tensions caused by stress. If it can be consumed throughout the day to take advantage of its soothing virtues, thehemp flower infusion will be particularly recommended at the end of the day to help let go and offer you a moment of well-being.

Discover the OKLM HO KARAN infusion with hemp flowers

To help you experience the benefits of hemp flowers on stress and anxiety, we created in collaboration with Kodama “OKLM” our first CBD infusion.

Composed of hemp flowers rich in CBD originating in Brittany in the Qiimper region cultivated in the open air and Se Chung leaves poor in theine, we have added our little touch. 100% Breton with caramel chips and a hint of apple and cardamom for more indulgence.

Made in France, our hemp flower infusion favors'falling asleep, helps fight stress and anxiety and also aids digestion. It can be consumed on its own, but we recommend that you add vegetable milk or a touch of coconut to improve the absorption of the CBD contained inside. You will not be able to do without it!

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