PODCAST: Laure Bouguen - Ho Karan - Destress the world with cannabis!


In this Generation Do It Yourself podcast, Laure Bouguen tells the story of HO KARAN, the hallucinatory hazards she has experienced from the beginning of the adventure until today. An exciting episode, where Laure unabashedly shares the highs and lows of entrepreneurial life. Where we talk about environment, business, fashion and cannabis of course. 

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“For thousands of years, hemp was used for everything. We printed the first Bibles on it, we used it in medicine, for food, to dress. It is only since the 30s and prohibition that this plant has been considered evil. ”

The story of HO KARAN was born in Brittany, in the hemp field of Laure's grandparents. She knows that cannabis is a miraculous plant: she will prove it to the world. And in the end, too bad if his university teacher finds that his project is smoky. Laure advances and Laure commits himself. First for the environment. Then, for responsible, long-term consumption. And finally, for the knowledge and recognition of cannabis.

Merci Matthew Stefani  for this moment of exchange that allows us to better explain this market and to ignore prejudices about cannabis!



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